Two Ball Banger Rally - The Mid-Life Crisis

by Ben Richards in Cotehill, England, United Kingdom

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To help support three amazing charities that have all supported us through a difficult time in our lives.

by Ben Richards in Cotehill, England, United Kingdom

Myself, Paul and Sam are all embarking on this mini adventure with 3 charities that have all played a part at a difficult time in our lives. 

We have chosen to support; The Severn Hospice, Alder Hey Hospital and Nightingale House Hospice. We aim to raise £2500 for each charity.

Ben - In November 2010 I lost my dad or as some of you knew him (Jimmy from the taxis) to lung and bowel cancer, even through the hardest times i cannot forget the care and support the Severn Hospice gave my old man and us as a family right up until the very end. He was the most kind hearted man, always going out his way to help people and i've not been the same since his passing. This is an adventure i know he would of loved to of joined us on as he used to love road trips (even if we did end up getting lost 99.9% of the time) and its our way of saying thankyou for the care and support they provided during this difficult time.

Paul - I have decided to raise money for Nightingale house to try and help support them as they once did for my mother and my entire family to say they went above and beyond is a understatement and during the most difficult and painful times of our lives we were also shown some of the kindest and supportive actions one human being could give to another...... I never want anyone to lose a parent so young in there lives however it does happen and is life changing so please give as much as you can afford in order to help future families like mine and maybe one day yours on behalf of my Mum and Nightingale House, Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts your money will make a huge difference in peoples lives and will be remembered for the rest of there lives.

Sam - For my part in the two ball rally I have decided to raise money for Alderhey childrens hospital in Liverpool. When my son was born on 21st August 2016 he was born with what turned out to be a case of serve pneumonia. After time in intensive care he was transferred to Alderhey. We got to Alderhey at 4pm and we were discharged the next day, they were through and brilliant ensuring our son was healthy and ready to be discharged home. Alderhey were not sure why we were even transferred and why the Wrexham Maelor couldn't of discharged our son themselves days earlier, but in 24 hours they'd ensured he was 100% happy and healthy. I'm happy to say now he is thriving, healthy and you wouldn't know he'd been through that ordeal. In the time we were there and taking up a much valuable bed, i saw the hard work and dedication of the nurses and doctors to desperately ill children with things such as cancer, only 4 nurses to a ward of at least 30 children and doctors rushing around but being attentive, caring and professional to these children, they were clearly passionate about getting better. In seeing this I was full of admiration for this institute and can't thing of anything better to raise money for, as they deserve any help they can get. Hopefully you can give what you can and this money can go towards ensuring more and more children get better. Thank you. 

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