Please help save Twix.

by Gloria in London, England, United Kingdom

Please help save Twix.


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MRI scan URGENTLY needed to establish if Twix has a tumor in the brain (Intracranial Lesion) or a slipped disc (IVDD). Treatment necessary

by Gloria in London, England, United Kingdom

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Please see update.

Twix is a 7 year old Jack Russell and have been with us since he was 9weeks old, a year after the passing of my mother. 

Twix suddenly became ill following a seizure on 8th September 2021.

He is in need of an urgent MRI scan in order to get a definitive diagnosis and treatment.  The two Vets we have seen have said he might have a brain tumor because of the lameness on his right side.

Twix has never had any serious health issues except for hotspot on his back in the summer and conjunctivitis in January 2021.

Following a seizure, two weeks later he appeared very withdrawn and was in pain when touched, especially his legs and back. His right back limb and right front limb became weak and didn't appear to have a steady gait when he tried to walk towards me. The following day he started KNUCKLING on the right fore limb. 

Twix was put on Metacam (Anti-inflammatory drug). They suspect neurological disease, possibly intracranial lesion (Brain tumour) though I am hopeful it could also be IVDD (InterVertibral Disc Disease or Slipped Disc).

When I lasted visited the vet, I was told that Twix will definitely need MRI Scan and a referral will be necessary. This will mean that I will have to pay £2,500 - £5,000 for including treatment. The recent PET INSURANCE I took out for Twix doesn't cover this health issue due to having a seizure in the two week cooling off period. My daughter (aged 12yrs and the rightful owner of Twix), suggested we set up a fundraising as last resort in order to save Twix and getting him back on his feet and free from pain.

Whatever you are able to give will be greatly appreciated. Twix and many other animals don't deserve to die for lack of funds.

Please I hope you will find it in your heart to help Twix receive the MRI scan and possibly a surgery. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and kindness. I will surely continue to update you on how Twix is doing every step of the way.

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