Twinkles tote and jute bags

Twinkles tote and jute bags

I am raising funds in order to buy the equipment and stock needed on expand my business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I  design tote, jute and school bags hand drawn, by raising these funds I will buy the equipment needed to begin making bags on a greater scale, I am an international seller with customers worldwide and recently began selling my bags to beauty pagent contestants.

Each bag is hand drawn to order and personalised to the customers desires, I am looking to buy a light/tracing desk which will allow me  create bags in a more timely manner using basic templates for faces and bodies which at the moment is done sitting on the floor.

I am also looking to purchase stock and painting equipment in order to streamline my making abilities, I can currently make 1 bag in 90 minutes but with right equipment and products I can get this down  30 minutes which I have trialed using some one else's equipment. 

So please help me to become a more practical and successful business by helping me to raise as much as possible to make my dreams of running  my own business come true.