Patenting a disruptive renewable generator

by Javier Dominguez in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Game-changing 30 MW wave-based generator aiming to file a patent to allow us to speak with some freedom to potential industrial partners.

by Javier Dominguez in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money, we will create a 3D printed model that provides an idea of how the generator will look like.


Our team is composed of two people.

We have Marta (, who is a self-motivated, assertive and results-focused individual with 15 years experience in the Energy Industry. She has a proven track record of delivering engineering, and coordinating operations and business programs in excess of £200m. She has generated multimillion savings thanks to end to end problem-solving capability, strong analytic skills, and knowledge of Lean Win and Six Sigma techniques.

The other team member is Javier Dominguez (, the funder and inventor. Experienced in business management, he is a Senior Engineer with more than 20 years experience. One of his inventions was presented at the 27th International Inventions Fair in Geneva (1999) where he was awarded a Silver Medal for the Folding Package with variable volume.


These are some value propositions:

  • TWEFDA, Ltd. is working on developing a tidal and wave generator with a capacity never attained before 30 MW that has the potential to lead the Renewable Energy Market.
  • The generator is portable, which allows it to be moved to strategic locations in order to provide energy where and when needed (for instance after an earthquake).
  • The generator can be self jacked-up and remain above the surge in case of a storm or towed away if a severe storm is forecasted.
  • The LCOE, which is the ratio between the costs and the energy produced over life for the generator, is situated around 35 pounds per MWh. Bearing in mind that the cost of the tidal stream is around £300/MWh and offshore wind is coming in at £57/MWh, this is a very compelling argument.
  • The technology has been validated by the University of Aberdeen through a Technical Feasibility study and the patentability checked through an IP Audit partially funded by Scottish Enterprise and conducted by Murgitroyd.


We are energy enthusiasts. Aiming at producing more but with better efficiency and saving consumption, we constantly change our own environmental behaviour and inspire and encourage others to do so.

The leadership in renewable energy production is a very challenging role and the opportunity to play that role, makes us feel the responsibility of helping to shape an important part of the puzzle we are all building, which is essentially our society.


Protecting the idea is crucial. We will do the first step forward in this matter, which is a patent application. The idea is very sophisticated as a result of almost 3 years working on it but we need to file a patent because finding industrial partners requires revealing the technology, in other words, putting those 3 years of work at risk.

Protecting the idea is crucial. As a result of almost 3 years of work on the idea, the patent application is very extensive. We need to reveal the technology in order to find industrial partners, but because of the scale of the project, a crowdfunding application would help reduce the costs.

Finding industrial partners will allow us to commercialise the idea, which will help the company to progress. This summarises our approach.

We are planning amazing things because the idea is disruptive and potentially better than the best renewable generator ever created. Let Scotland become the World Energy leader in renewable production, let’s foster our economy, let’s shine the way we always did.

This is now not down to complex financing or government bodies; it is down to you. You will make it happen. 

Thank you in advance.


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Understanding the generator. This will consist of a group of people assisting a presentation on how the tool works. Previous to that, an NDA will be signed by the attendees.

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