Refurbishing the Studio & Building the Community

by Louis Craig Mcloughlin in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

Refurbishing the Studio & Building the Community


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We're building a social enterprise to generate revenue to support those struggling with depression, anxiety, social isolation & illness.

by Louis Craig Mcloughlin in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

We need to raise just £2500. And we need the help of all you beautifully bighearted people out there to make it happen.

What Exactly Are We Trying to Create?

When we moved in to the barn space, just over a year ago now, we didn't quite realise how big a job it would be to create a self-contained and fully functional yoga studio and well-being service. We've had an absolute blast in making the very most of what we've got, and we know so many of you really love what we have developed so far; but, as part of our mission of becoming a self-funding social enterprise - funding very much needed mental health work in the community - we need to develop the space further. Our 3 year vision is to create a service that generates enough revenue to fund interventions for people struggling with mental health issues, chronic health conditions and social isolation in our communities. We have an incredibly passionate team of trained and experienced mindfulness teachers, yoga instructors and mental health workers whom we know are already having a very positive impact on the health and well-being of may of you guys out there. And we need your help to take this work further...

After an incredible first year, and after meeting so many of you amazing people and hearing such positive stories from your experiences with us, we're getting refocused on our mission and making a final push to get The Wellbeing Campus closer towards reaching its potential. 

Construction Work at The Barn

The flooring... so, it turns out it wasn't quite as simple as taking up the carpet and laying down new wooden flooring on top. Instead, the entire floor needs to be demolished and re-build due to how old  the building and how much it has moved over the years. You might have already noticed the way the room bows in the centre and the way the flooring seems higher at the edges of the room. And the way your mat has a tendency to travel across to the other side of the room during your practice... 

And then there's the bathroom; the kitchenette we intend to build so we can provide tea, energy balls and Louis' world renowned smoothie bowls for everyone after class; storage space for your shoes and other belongings; storage for Henry and other cleaning items; and plenty of bespoke features that will make learning and practising in this space a truly unique and magical experience. 

We guarantee you this: when this job is completed, the studio is going to look STUNNING (a very chilled-out, zen-kinda insane).  And your experience of being in the space and the way in which it'll leave you feeling... bliss! You're never gonna want to leave! 

Many of you out there already helped bring the studio to life in the first place. So, together, let's see if we can take it to the next level.

Want to Know More About Us? Keep Reading...

As you may or may not already know, TWC’s background is in mental health. And over the past 12 months, we have been focusing our energy on developing a special kind of space that above all supports exactly that. It’s important to us that this is a space where people can not only come to learn and develop the skills to live healthier, happier and more wholesome lives but also where they can find inner strength and resilience, and the ability to overcome the difficult periods we all go through in life.

We found the ideal premises nestled away beside Claremont Farm, and began creating this little retreat space, without any financial backing, to. No loans, grant funding; no handouts from mum and dad. Instead, we began our journey with the help of you guys out there! 

From our crowdfunding campaign back in 2018, to our beach yoga fundraisers, to the support from those coming along to classes and events - it is you guys that have brought this space to life.

Our offerings are slowly and organically growing, yet we’re still a long way from achieving our ultimate vision. There is much, MUCH more work to be done if we’re to play a role in uplifting the well-being of those across the Wirral, especially when considering the amount of people struggling behind closed doors in our communities. In a parliamentary report released just last month, several parts of Wirral were found to be amongst the worst in the country for depression. JSNA reports show physical health inequality in Wirral to be some of the worst nationally.

But we’re not losing hope. If anything, we’re more motivated by this to do a better job. But in order for us to do so, we first need to recruit the help of the community.

I don’t believe change begins from the top-down, I think it starts at the bottom, right here in the heart of the communities that are in need of support.


Yoga, Mindfulness & Depression

Research is mounting on just how much of an impact both yoga and mindfulness can have on anxiety and depression. Studies have compared mindfulness-based interventions to CBT and found it to have a much longer lasting impact on depression, possibly due to the neurological changes associated with meditation. Other research has found yoga to be as effective as antidepressants in those with major depression.

We are determined to get the evidence-based interventions we deliver out there to the people in the community who could benefit most, and to bring those people into the safety and sanctuary of the barn so they can immerse themselves in the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and, more important than that, community!

We’re going to be working closely with several local organisations from here-on who are supporting vulnerable and socially isolated people in the community. 

But first, we’ve got one last job to do…


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