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Outdoor equipment to develop co-ordination

by Tutshill Community Pre-School in Tutshill, England, United Kingdom


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To make more use of our outdoor space & create a Children's Lending Library for young children and families in our village

by Tutshill Community Pre-School in Tutshill, England, United Kingdom

We are a locally based pre-school in Gloucestershire providing early years learning for children between 2 and 5 years and preparing them for the next step in their learning journey.

Our ethos is the acronym - WILD:



Love of learning


We have a free flow environment within the setting where children can move between the indoors and outdoors as they please .  This supports our work as a child-led setting and also supports children in their holistic development for life long learning. 

We'd like to use the funding to purchase some outdoor equipment and also an outdoor shelter to use as a lending library for the community following the retirement of our local library bus.

Our staff, with support from the voluntary committee have been identifying areas where we can encourage children's development to exceed the national average.   After discussions with our main feeder reception class teacher, they've identified that children's physical development on entry isn't where it should be. We want to help the children develop their core strength as it's proven that this then has an impact on fine motor skills through developing postural control, co-ordination and shoulder stability.  This makes children much more prepared for later learning and coordination they need to do things independently like dressing themselves, feeding, using cutlery correctly etc.  Ultimately correct manipulative skills for writing and lifelong learning.  So we would like to purchase the following:

* A scramble slope and rope pull on our existing slide

* A set of cascading water tables with a water pump (this will help develop shoulder strength)

* A set of A frame steps and balance beams to develop co-ordination.

We'd also like to zone our outdoor area so that children understand that there is a transition area between the indoors and outdoors.  This means that they know we are moving from one area to another and therefore can become mentally prepared for each area.  This also means they understand that we use different parts of our bodies to do different things whether it be inside or outside.

We also would like to build an outdoor shelter that we could use as a lending library for the local community but also as a story corner for our attending children.  Stories are at the heart of everything we do at our pre-school. Listening to and retelling stories is crucial for developing children’s vocabulary, empathy & creativity. Our mobile library service has recently been withdrawn and we strongly believe it’s crucial for all our local families to have free access to a variety of high quality books.  By placing our structure in our garden we will be able to invite our local toddler group, Nature school group and families visiting the local park & cafe to use our library.

Our team are passionate about making sure that our children are prepared for the next stage, they are committed and always looking at ways we can better our teaching and our environment.  

We'd love to be able to make our Pre-School the best it can be - and with your help we could achieve this goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project.

Tutshill Community Pre-School

Let's make 'Outdoor equipment to develop co-ordination' happen

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