Legislation Denies Student: Tuition Fee Loan

Legislation Denies Student: Tuition Fee Loan

HI, my name is laura, I have worked for the NHS since 2001. I was fortunate to be funded by them to complete a foundation...

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 Hi , I have worked for the NHS since 2001. In 2008 I was fortunate to be funded by them to complete a foundation degree.  However In February 2014 I injured my right arm at work resulting in me having difficulty in lifting and any physical movement causes immense pain, this has had an impact on not only work but homelife aswell. I have strruggled to maintain a work-life balance, therefore my sickness record is high, who wants to employ anyone with a sickness record like mine, I would not, so I continue to plod on as the possibility of not being able to do my job frustrates me. 

I looked at the options available to me and as my injury is in my dominent arm I found this hard as Im not sure as to what I could do with my limitations..  I researched courses available at university and found a course suitable for my need. On applying to student finance to cover my tuition fees I recieved a reply stating I had been refused  with no explanation, I contacted student finance to be told that as I already have level 4 and 5 they would not fund me. I wrote a letter of complaint to argue this as I was not asking them to give me the money ,I wanted a loan to pay back. I could understand the decision if i had recieved funding for my tution fees in the first place but I clearly have not.  I have since started the course  hoping that student finance would revert their decision, but as they told me this is a goverment decision ,nothing could be done to help me or they could not make a discretionary decision.

I have since found out that people on my course who have level 4 are being funded for tuition fees, which seems unfair, what happened to equal opportunities! why am I an exception?  I have also now found out that the information given to me when I contacted the university was not correct! as I knew I would more than likely have to pay the fees myself I contacted the university to find out how much it would cost for the 3 Years and was told £9000. I told them that I did not want to enroll untill I new I could afford the fees, they responded by telling me to enrol anyway as this could be sorted out at a later date.  I now face the decision of either paying £18000 for the 2 years as i will be funded in my third year as i dont have that level. Or giving up and facing a life working in pain or losing my job due to sickness if my operation is unsucessful. I have worked hard all my working life paying all my taxes and ask for a bit of help to be knocked back down. I still work 2 days a week to pay my bills and attend uni twice a week  not to mention the assignments its a struggle to make ends meat with raising my 3 year old little girl, but I want her to see that you have to work hard and go to work not live of benefits. 

I now have no choice but to find the money for my first year as I have enrolled so have to pay this amount, which seems wrong as I made this decision based on false imformation. That is why I have resorted in setting up this page as I dont know what else to do.  Any donations are welcome and will be much appreciated if anyone can help me reach my target I cant offer anything in return but could offer some of my time to volunteer.

Help me fight the injustice!. I WOULD MUCH PREFERE THE GOVERMENT TO CHANGE THIS LEGISLATION AND ALLOW ME TO HAVE A TUITION FEE LOAN INSTEAD OF PLEDGING ON THIS SITE, BUT I CANT SEE THAT CHANGING ANYTIME SOON. I would also say if the legislation is changed and I can have a tuition fee loan., any monies raised on this site will be donated to charities. 





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