Turtle Protection in the Secret Gilis of Indonesia

by SORCE in Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, Indonesia

Turtle Protection in the Secret Gilis of Indonesia
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Protecting turtles, sharks, rays and reefs! Daily patrols to protect turtles from poachers and coral reefs from dynamite fishing in Sekotong

by SORCE in Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, Indonesia


SORCE was founded in 2016 by three highly qualified, likeminded individuals whose vision is to develop sustainable community-backed methods for the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems. SORCE stands for Sustainable Oceanic Research Conservation and Education and was registered as a non-profit British Community Interest Company in 2018. SORCE’s ultimate goal is to restore and protect the marine environment throughout Indonesia, creating healthy, productive and valuable ecosystems for the benefit of all stakeholders and the future generation. 


To achieve sustainable community backed methods of ensuring the ongoing restoration of marine ecosystems to a state of good health, well-being and productivity that can be maintained and improved upon for generations to come.


SORCE is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the marine environment through scientific action, field research and global education. We strive to promote an understanding of the need for change and a drive to achieve a sustainable future for our world’s natural ecosystems.


The Secret Gilis are located just off the coast of the Sekotong Region of Lombok, Indonesia. The marine environments here in the Sekotong Bay are thriving with impressive biodiversity and an abundance of marine life. 

These waters are lucky enough to be home to healthy populations of both Hawksbill turtles (critically endangered) and Green turtles (endangered) as well as a number of shark and ray species and the highly threatened dugongs.


Unfortunately these wonderful species are not safe. Poachers frequently raid the beaches looking for turtle nests so that they can dig up their eggs to sell them. Illegal fishing activity also takes place with fish bombs being dropped into the water which not only kills all of the fish in the vicinity but also decimates the entire area, killing everything, including the coral reef foundation of the ecosystem. 

The shark, ray, turtle and dugong populations in this area are therefore under serious threat and we are already seeing devastating declines in their numbers. 


Much of the activity that we have described above is illegal in this area and is not being carried out by local people but rather people coming in from outside areas. However, the local community and the local authorities do not have the funding to address this problem. At present local groups are only able to facilitate patrols once a month. Our aim is to raise the funding required for us to facilitate daily local patrols of the areas of greatest interest (which are also the ones under the greatest threat). 

These patrols will not only be incredibly effective in preventing these threats to marine habitats, marine species and turtle nests, but will also provide us with valuable data which we can use to advise the government on where conservation management plans for the region can be strengthened. In addition these patrols will provide an alternative income for several local people who currently rely on unsustainable methods of fishing in order to earn a living so that they can feed their families.  Finally these patrols will allow for the tagging of turtle nests, and where necessary the relocation of eggs to secure turtle hatcheries nearby. This will allow the eggs to be more effectively protected all the through to the hatchlings making their way to the ocean. 

For more information please contact us on enquiries@sorce.org or visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/sorce.org.


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