Turtle Dove Habitat Creation

by Chris Adams in Aveley, England, United Kingdom

Turtle Dove Habitat Creation
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To complete second phase of feeding habitat which includes rotavating areas and seeding.

by Chris Adams in Aveley, England, United Kingdom

This project has been started due to a 93% decline since 1970 bringing Turtle Dove (TD) nearing extinction. A main factor to this decline is loss of habitat from agriculture and urban developments.

The aim of this project is to create breeding and feeding habitats for TD to help boost their numbers and give them a greater chance of breeding when they are in the country after their migratory route from Africa.  

Belhus Country Park (Belhus) is optimum due to it already having established and semi established breeding habitats. Belhus is situated in the south of East Anglia. Due to East Anglia having the highest percentage of remaining/returning TD this site is ideally located. Belhus also has plenty of water which is also a needed environment for TD. Belhus also used to have TD 10 years ago but none have been heard or sighted since. There are reports in the area surrounding Belhus of TD.

There are also other landowners in the surrounding area that have created TD habitat. This makes Belhus even more suitable site as we can link up with these others areas creating an even better chance of success. 

This project is to create the feeding habitats needed alongside the breeding habitats. With the lakes, breeding and feeding habitats all together it will be a perfect habitat for TD.  

Please donate as little or as much as you can from your hard earn money to increase the chance for future generations to be able to enjoy the song and sight of the Turtle Dove. No amount is too small. Thanks.  

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