Turning a house into our forever home

by Anna Cartlidge in Gourdon, Scotland, United Kingdom

Turning a house into our forever home
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We are looking to raise funds to fund the purchase of the property that our seaside home is attached to.

by Anna Cartlidge in Gourdon, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello ???? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain the need for our fundraising and give insight into our lovely (yet very hectic) little family and growing business :)

Myself and my partner recently have purchased a property in a small fishing village on the east coast of Scotland - Not too far from where we first grew up together as children. We now have two young boys aged 4 years and 1 years.  They are full of life and LOVE the outdoors. I have a 17 year old daughter and my partner as a 12 year old girl. Not to mention our very doting poodle puppy Marloe! ????  all in all we have 6 hoomans, 1 dog, 1 hamster and 4 chickens making up our clan. 1618003925_0a59aad6-28a7-43e3-9817-362af1659822.jpeg

We love our new home. But it comes with the issue that it simply is too small for our family and growing business. But we don’t want to live anywhere else than where we have found ourselves!  We purchased the property in a rush buy after We were forced to move last year out of our rental property due to the onset of COVID 19 and the landlords losing their jobs and requiring their property back to  live in. We were devastated. But a few weeks following this we landed on our feet after walking past our now home, striking a bond with the previous owners and securing the property within a 3 week turnaround in a national pandemic..... we felt very lucky indeed!


The issue came with it that the property is too small for our clan. It has two bedrooms and a box room. Space is short and we knew this was the case but hoped to add an extension to the property rather quickly to provide sufficient additional bedrooms and living space that we need.

The additional need for more space comes from the growth of our small outdoor paddle sport, climbing, outdoor skills and team building Company which makes use of the available outdoor buildings for storage, washing and drying areas for the kit. The company was started 4 years ago is gradually growing from strength to strength. We use all local areas surrounding our home village, make use of local services, have increased tourism for the area and have supported the wellbeing of individuals through providing free mental health paddle boarding sessions through these last lockdown periods. We are branching out and are providing expeditions across Scotland including the west coast, the great glen and loch tay. Although very exciting the business growth puts a strain on the space we have available at home to house this in the much loved property we have. It also means the initial expansion of this is taking all our pennies to make this a success (hopefully!!) -  making the much needed extension plans difficult.

This week a different avenue has opened up which would answer all the challenges.... next door have put their property on the market. This property and ours are semi detached builds. The properties outlook directly onto the sea and in fact allow us to paddle board from our back gardens :) truly beautiful.


Their property comes with further outhouses and a sufficient living space. To be in a position To purchase this adjoining property would remove the need for an extension. We would plan to knock through into the adjoining house and return the building to the one building it would have initially been as an old dairy on an old railway line overlooking a beautiful fishing harbour.
This would provide our young family with all the outdoor and indoor space they need within the property they love.  This would also provide our business with growth space in additional out buildings to hold the additional kit and van we need to move forward with the business onto a larger successful scale. I’d like to add to this with a small self contained 1 bed air b n b which would bring further tourism to the north east, local pub, fish and chip shop and of course our small paddle boarding company. We are well known in the local area and truly look to give back to the community where ever we can. The business is an active supporter of the local food bank and school making donations as they are sought after. We really want to be able to remain in the house we love, in the community we grew up in and now wish to give back to, but with the additional space in our home to make it possible for our family to grow up in.

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