Turner & Miles - Spiritual Healing Candles

Turner & Miles - Spiritual Healing Candles

Hand-made, essential oil Aromatherapy and Spiritual Healing Candles made in the New Forest.

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Ever since meeting my business partner, and best friend, at college we have dreamed of starting our own business. After college and then the 9 to 5 work life did not suit us, we decided to make our dreams a reality by combining our two biggest pastimes; candle making and alternative medicine. We created Turner & Miles; a company created to make spiritually healing candles. By using carefully selected essential oils, crystals and by using carcinogen free eco soya wax we believe we have created a product that is natural and good for the spirit as well for the body.

We have a small range of candles themed on different ailments we all may suffer in life: Headaches, Colds and Flu, One to help overcome any mental or physical bad habits and addictions, One to help calm any anxieties or fear one may have, One to encourage a deep and dreamful sleep, and another to help one overcome any sadness and depression one may feel.

Using your pledges we hope to buy more equipment to enable us to streamline and improve the production of our candles. By purchasing an additional hot plate unit, and a series of metal jugs we will be able to eliminate cross contamination between recipes, reduce production time and produce a more uniform, saleable product. We also hope to have a logo designed to go onto a new series of labels to improve the image of the product. One of the difficulties that we will encounter is the large initial costs required to buy materials in bulk quantities, the main reason that we are reaching out to you.

We would like to thank you lovely people for taking the time to read about our passion for natural healing. Any donations that you make towards our venture will be greatly appreciated. We hope all your days are happy and healthy.


-Turner and Miles