Turn Sheffield Green For A Snap General Election

by Sheffield Green Party in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom


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Sheffield Green Party are crowdfunding to raise £1000 for staked posters for the upcoming snap general election - spread hope not hate.

by Sheffield Green Party in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We are crowdfunding to raise £1000 

In 2019, the Green message has never been more relevant or more needed as we step up the fight against the climate emergency and against Brexit madness and for much greater economic, social and political justice in our country.

In case you’ve missed the news, there’s a very good chance we will have a snap General Election this autumn. Exactly when it will happen and how it will happen are still not clear.

An election now seems as certain as the sun rising tomorrow, or that PM Johnson will come out with some more bluster and Brexit bravado before the sun sets today. 

We in the Sheffield Green Party want to be ready. If you support the Green message, we need your help. 

We need to raise £1000 to purchase more large staked garden & window posters, as well as other means to spread the Green message all across Sheffield. 

Every staked poster costs £10 to print, transport and construct. The maths are simple. If you donate a tenner, we can purchase one new staked poster. For £20, we can buy two and so on. Our target is 100 new staked garden signs.

Or perhaps you cannot afford £10; we understand. Every pound counts so please donate what you can. Or perhaps you can donate enough to provide a small Green army with signs of their own.

This has been an excellent year for Sheffield Green Party. We now have eight Green councillors in the city and, with Magid Magid being elected in May, have the first ever Green MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber. 

Let’s complete 2019 by moving our efforts up another notch. 

Help us spread a message of hope in these turbulent and often dark days.  


How to donate:

Just click on the buttons on the right of the screen and donate using your debit or credit card.


Would you like a staked Green Party poster?

If you can offer a site for one of these staked GP garden posters, contact Gill Black of the SGP at gillpblack@gmail.com . She will need a preferred location (e.g. tie to gate, in hedge), your address, email address and phone number.


Thanks in advance for a Greener future. 

The Sheffield Green Party.  


IMPORTANT: All levels of donation are gratefully received, but please note that under electoral regulations, we can only accept donations of £50.01 or more if you are currently on the UK electoral register. We will need to check your eligibility and provide your information to the Electoral Commission, which may publish donors' details. If donating £50.01 or more, you must provide us with your name and full address and may not donate anonymously. Thank you.

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for and on behalf of any other person. All donations are received subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Promoted by Eamonn Ward on behalf of Sheffield Green Party candidates at 73 Eskdale Road, Sheffield, S6 1SL.

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