Turn my photography from a hobby to a career

by Karl Newton in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Turn my photography from a hobby to a career
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To turn my photography hobbie into a paid career, kickstart this business properley

by Karl Newton in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Photography is everything to me, it has saved my life.  Make my dreams come true and allow me to kickstart a career in doing something I love and by doing something people have told me I’m talented at.

This project if successful will allow me to kick start a photography business, making my dreams come true and allowing me to take my much-admired talent to the next level.  In recent months I have used photography as an act of mindfulness & therapy to enhance my wellbeing following a near fatal overdose which saw me hospitalised for Christmas 2017.  Since throwing everything into my photography in 2018 I have been recognised as talented through competition votes, local media and my debut exhibition in Birmingham city centre.  I have sold several of my photos already and am finding myself and my work in demand.

This project will allow me to properly launch my photography.  This includes setting up a website with e-shop, acquiring business cards, producing branded clothing to wear when out photographing to advertise the business, advertising my services, making a formal proposal, producing more prints, booking onto craft fairs to sell my products at & producing a 2019 calendar of which 50% of sales from will go to a mental health charity.


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A free 2019 KWN Photography Calender

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