Tuition fees and living expences

Tuition fees and living expences

Hello! I am a Norwegian student in need of help to fund my engineering studies and living expenses to be able to continue my studies.

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My name is Rebekka, and I am currently studying Civil Engineering in London.

I am Norwegian, and the reason why I´m posting this is that the currency today is making it very hard to be a norwegian student in the UK. The pound is really high, and the Norwegian krone is at an all time low. This in turn results in the funding from Norway not being nearly enough to live and study. Also, since I am studying engineering which requires the use of a laboratory, I am paying more than if I were studying buisiness or something like that. Every semester I need to pay 6400 in tuition fees, and about 3300 in housing. My norwegian student loan covers a lot, but I still need to fund about 2-2500 pounds every semester out of my own pocket. And living and transportation comes on top of that. I have worked a lot, but now my savings are pretty much gone. If I don´t find a way to get the money, I need to decide what is most important; finishing my education or have a place to stay. I need to pay 9700 pounds by 1th March 2016. I am 2500 pounds short.


I am aware this might be a bit unorthodox, but at this point I don´t see a way around it.

So I am hoping that some of you might have the oportunity to help me reach my dream!

Only a small contribution will help me a lot!

I believe in being good and helping others, and I will definitely pay it forward when I am fully educated and have the oportunity to help someone.


Thank you!

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