Tuition Fee need help urgently!

Tuition Fee need help urgently!

I am trying to raise funds to pay for the rest of my tuition I have paid £7000, but just need a little help to raise the rest

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Sophie and I am looking for help to fund the rest of my tuition fee for my first year at Staffordshire University. 

Throughout the year I have worked two jobs and paid £7000 by myself, but this does not cover the full amount and desperately need a little help to fund the final £2000. 

The reason I need to fund my first year tuition is because I studied college in Scotland in which I received student finance for two years and therefore I only have two years funding left for university, despite the fact those two years in Scotland only totalled £2000, the amount of money borrowed is not taken into account by the student loans company, but rather how many years you have had funding.

University was not part of my plan, 2 years ago I had my own business set up in Scotland and played competitive football in the premier league, but unfortunately that all came crashing down when I suffered a serious injury, a grade 3 rupture of my Anterior Cruciate Ligament and tear on my meniscus cartilage, I had a reconstruction through surgery and had to give up my business and get a temporary job in a call centre which gave me no time for physiotherapy and  wasn't able or willing to pay £30 for half an hour, in addition the NHS cancelled my physiotherapy after 3 months as I was able to walk and lead an average life, but I had no way near returned back to full fitness. After months in a dead end job and no improvement in my recovery I decided enough was enough and if I wasn't going to get the help I needed I would do it myself, so I applied to University to study Sports Therapy, in the hope to eventually offer discounted services and free services to those in a similar situation to myself, but I can't do that without some help, I have worked so hard this year to fulfill my dream and am not willing to give up now.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have explored all possible routes through loans, credit cards and even parents but with their own financial circumstances, this is not possible.

Anyone who helps me, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and can give nutritional advice, diet plans, exercise plans and if local within reason a free massage (Swedish or Sports Massage) And also a picture of when I graduate, with the potential of a Sports Therapy session.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.