Abdel's Master Degree at TU Berlin

Abdel's Master Degree at TU Berlin

I am raising money for a master degree at TU Berlin campus Elgouna.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Hello everybody ! I am raising money for a master at TU Berlin campus Elgouna and I'd immensely appreciate your help.

I will be studying energy engineering during the first and the third terms in Elgouna, Egypt and the second and the forth terms in Berlin, Germany as a part of my program. You also can check the program itself through this website: Energy Engineering - TU Berlin. I was also accepted to get a 20K euro scholarship for covering only the tuitions fees and I am currently raising funds to cover the expenses of my travel and accommodation for the master program.
I am really very excited about living in Germany for a while and hopefully I'll manage to visit the country while studying.
(A breakdown of the expenses can be found below).


A Solar Energy geek, who was used to work in solar energy since he was in his first year of college, and he has been to USA to present his research in solar energy, He also got his patent in may 2016 for his invention " Wearable agricultural solar-power sprayer" which is used for spraying pesticides with solar energy.

Abdelnasser is also willing to launch his startup after he earn his master degree, he self studied business and marketing to help him launching his startup with his partners.

Where will the money go?

1- Accommodation: 2000£
2- Flight: 350£
3- Food and transportation: 500£

I will work till the study starts to earn some money for the accommodation in Elgouna.

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Facebook: facebook.com/3bdelnasser.farrag
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/abdelnasserfarrag

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Moreover, I'll keep you posted all along this experience which is my first ever so that, 
1- You can see what you helped me to achieve.
2) I might be able to help you if you are interested in getting a similar opportunity! 

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