trying to set up my online business for my health

by Julian Derczynski in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

trying to set up my online business for my health
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Trying to start my online business for health

by Julian Derczynski in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

My name is Julian Derczynski i am 29 I have a serious, debilitating bowel illness, ulcerative colitis, which i was diagnosed with it in 2009. It is an autoimmune response, there is no known cause or cure for it and in some cases it can affect the entire colon, which it has done to me, as I had a colonoscopy in 2016. The results showed up and my colon was really inflamed and the nurse said that she couldn't check go all the way through, as there parts that were just too severe.

I’m in the process of moving to Edinburgh scotland uk, for health reasons and so i can afford the things that for my health and my colitis and so i can start with my online business and so i can live a much better life, and i'm sick of living off my benefits.

But for those who live in the Uk im guessing some of you know, that they’re bringing out universal credit in replace of the current benefits, esa and pip which means itll be much harder to do this.

Because of this its making it a lot harder for me, to be able start with my online business and progress with my life and move forward and i’m determined to get this sorted and so i can start with my business, as soon as possible and i’m not asking for much but just whatever you can afford to donate will be much appreciated.  

Let's make 'trying to set up my online business for my health' happen