Trying to keep Luke sane whilst he's in hospital!

Trying to keep Luke sane whilst he's in hospital!

Let's buy a few bits for luke to ensure he doesn't need the real High Royds by the time he leaves hospital!

We did it!

On 12th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £805 with 37 supporters in 28 days

 Hi All


As im sure you will all be aware, Luke is in hospital for at least a month, and will still be ill when he comes out, this is an attempt to raise some money to buy him some bits/home comforts whilst he is in hospital if we all club together. As the photo shows you, luke is borderline insane anyway so we need to help him whilst he's stuck in isolation!

He has also expressed a wish to start writing his book, so buying him a laptop and a laptop stand for whilst he's in bed would be ideal, amongst other things like games for his original SNES he recently bought, open to ideas

The idea is to spread this group to as many people as you know that know Luke, raise as much money as possible in the next 7 days and then I'll go buy something next Saturday 20th Feb

I will take photos of him receiving everything and update you on exactly what the money has been sent on, so get your wallets out and send a few quid right now

I will ensure Luke gets a list of all the poeple that donated (I will leave out how much you donated, and will just tell him that you donated)

Any additional moneys raised could go towards a holiday/break after he comes out, or help him cover bills etc if he is still unable to work on his return home

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