Facebook clone social media site censorship free

Facebook clone social media site censorship free

I've had enough of laurel and others Being disabled. I don't care about badges of honour I care about the deception. And the vunerable

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm sick and tired of the grip social media has on the community we have found ourselves in.  I've held off for too long and it's time to start a site controlled by us. 

Facebook offers its code for use , and with a torrent friendly server host and private registered webadress I can build and run a site capable of holding a large user database. 

I've written and funded a torrent site in the past, Facebook lacks too many features. So it's time to take the power back. 

We will also need to fund the lining of an app,. This has become an easy thing to do now but is a step up from creating a mobile friendly Facebook clone and should be stage 2 in any online forum. Due to cost it only needs to be done if this. Actually gets used and grows. 

I believe we can setup and run the website for 6 months on this estimate.  So what do you guys think.