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Trusnet is a Online Procurement Service for Businesses, tender writing services for experienced professionals .

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TrusNet offers a refreshing view on the Business-to-Business contracting and subcontracting area. Given the sheer volume of talent and companies that currently dedicate themselves to providing solutions we have decided to take a personal and customizable approach. We want to Champion Businesses, soletraders and entrepreneurs, all at once, allowing for quick, efficient connections geared towards the overall improvement on both: client and applicant end.

So how will this work? TrusNet is a Business-to-Business digital marketplace; we will contact companies, obtain sub-contract work and negotiate the service terms with them. These businesses will be considered applicants, or providers, able to offer service solutions; anything from importers/exporters, sellers, suppliers, service providers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our website will host the listings where all provider companies can go and source contracts for tender, making it simpler for them to obtain work as well as purchasing businesses to find people and teams to complete the tasks required. These companies will receive an invitation to apply via email, these providers are alerted after being filtered based on the information provided on their business profile page. They will then have to apply for the contract and meet any criteria required. Our TrusNet Accounts Manager will meet with perspective providers in order to ensure that the provider is a perfect fit.

This is where TrusNet truly shines. We have an enthusiastic team absolutely dedicated to playing close attention to the purchasing business needs and requirements. An Account Manager will be assigned to the purchasing company in order to obtain all the information required.

They will be presented with 2 options: A) Allowing TrusNet to handle everything on their behalf including legal documents, performance reviews and decision making. B) Our Accounts manager would present the best suited provider companies for the purchaser to make the final decision.

This workflow is especially designed to ensure complete satisfaction from both parties. We are confident that providing a platform capable of linking contracts from public to private sectors in real-time can greatly shorten the time that providers and purchasing companies spend looking for not only compatible but also worthwhile partnerships.

We consider that being able to have the right talent is crucial to meet and exceed the goals that each company sets. We want to take care of businesses of all sizes, give them the peace of mind that their needs will be understood and met, in case of the purchasing companies, we will ensure that only the best suppliers are provide as well as accredited to your standards.

As a provider you can register and you'll be joining a network of Trusnet Suppliers who work on a variety of projects throughout the world. Your customers will be part of an established network of trusted business. In this way you can be certain that your specific skills will reach the right ear.

Providers will be offered a subscription based access to the TrusNet B2B Marketplace. With a choice of 2 different subscription packages: A) Smaller package which is aimed at local businesses and medium enterprises- it will have a geographical restriction imposed as well as a limitation to the amount of contracts that they can apply for tender. The complete package will allow full access to all services including a nationwide B2B marketplace, allowing you to bid and tender contracts nationally.

Both packages will include email alerts for when a contract becomes available on the B2B marketplace in the providers chosen criteria. This information will be taken from the providers profile, that will be set up at the beginning of their subscription to TrusNet.

TrusNet will go further with our clients whether be it that they are providers or purchasers. We aim to develop both providers and purchasers so they are in a position to offer or obtain more contracts. For our providers, we will work with them, from day one to ensure they are in the best position to offer their services, ensuring fairness within the system. For our purchasers, we will monitor and maintain the providers, ensuring that the guidelines are followed and all parties are satisfied with the work being completed.

Our Tag line “Connecting You” adeptly summarizes TrusNet’s core aim and business ethic. Our careful mediation will help forge trust and give fair opportunities companies big and small. After all, the only obstacle that mankind faces is the ability to work together seamlessly, at TrusNet we plan to eliminate the uncertainty that plagues the sub-contractor market.

Our account managers are deeply experienced individuals that absolutely understand the value of clear and long lasting communication in the work field. With top notch networking and marketing skills, they have the experience working in small businesses and growing them, collecting in the process a vast network of contacts.

We believe that the amount of opportunities TrusNet will be offering on behalf or private and public sector clients will deeply benefit our potential subscribers. We aim to streamline the procedure of obtaining and gaining tender contracts. Nowadays this can be a rather lengthy and disheartening process for companies who fail to be awarded the contract, loss of resources and morale, at TrusNet we will be in a position to provide feedback which will help them in their next attempt.

Sometimes just having someone to give you a pat in the back and signal you in the right direction is all you need in order to have a second wind. This companionship is what we want to offer at TrusNet.

We want to make sure that both providers and suppliers feel that their personal needs and goals are important to us and that our main goal is the complete satisfaction of both parties. This can only be accomplished via a successful and efficient dialogue.

We are aiming to provide the definitive one-stop solution in a single online marketplace, filled with business contracts, where all companies regardless of size will be able to come to obtain work or receive assistance when it comes to outsourcing work. TrusNet will evaluate all companies, so that we are able to match them to the best possible counterpart, and that both companies are working towards the best possible service. TrusNet also aims to provide a quality control service which will monitor the quality of the contract and mediate any disputes that may occur. We aim within the next 2-3 years that TrusNet will be able to expand into different international territories.

Overall, Trusnet can greatly reduce the time spent looking for the perfect partnership and/or advertising your services. In this way you can save effort and time. Two of the most valuable resources that any company can have and that decidedly should be preserved to the maximum, creating a virtual interactive catalogue for services and contracts, which cater to companies of any size, is just a logical and efficient solution for everyone involved.

We want to be the ones to provide a leveled ground for both providers and purchasing companies to consult, connect and ultimately work together. By helping providers to improve their bids and zeroing in on the particular needs of the purchasing companies, TrusNet will take care of building a work relationship based on common goals and trust and mediated by quality and satisfaction.

In order to ensure this the majority of our customers will be small to medium business owners as the marketplace will be aimed at them. Our sales and customer service teams will be working for a slightly different customer. They will be working for the Larger Purchasing companies as they will be selling on behalf of them. This service will be available to smaller businesses and self-employed ventures.

Our TrusNet team has the necessary skills to filter the best candidates and feed them to the right purchasing companies. Our account managers offer visits with the purchasing companies in order to personally evaluate the particular needs and requirements. In this way only the right profiles will be notified of the opportunity to bid in our platform.

The purchaser will either contact us directly or be approached by one of the TrusNet team, either through a generated lead or via an enquiry through the TrusNet website or telephone service. The purchaser will be visited by a TrusNet accounts manager who will explain the details of TrusNet, discuss individual requirements and finalise any other details. Shortly after this meeting the purchaser will receive written confirmation of all the information discussed in the previous meeting. Once all the terms of the contract are finalised and the contracts are signed then the contract will go live on the TrusNet B2B Marketplace. The process of attending the offices will only need to take place on the initial meeting as the purchaser will be assigned a dedicated accounts manager who will be able to maintain the needs of the client from head office.

Allows us to help you connect, to help you make long-lasting partnerships governed by quality and mutual respect, in this way you shall be able to reach and exceed all your company’s goals.

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