Trumped by British Sovereignty

Trumped by British Sovereignty

To underline the importance of British Laws, for British People, in British Courts

We did it!

On 4th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £3,648 of £2,500 target with 294 supporters in 19 days

New stretch target

The initial response has been so positive and we have reached our target so quickly that we have decided to add a further action on the same day to increase the impact. We hope that you will be able to support phase two as well as you have supported phase one - more money = more fun.

We are the team who brought you 'Flags at the Proms’, the crowdfunded stunt that let us show the World that 75% of the UK population DID NOT vote to leave the EU.
Raising just £1,500, a handful of dedicated “Remoaners” distributed over 2,500 EU flags at the Last Night of the Proms.  We all got drenched by the great British weather but had a great evening at the Albert Hall.
We are sure you will agree that it was a huge PR success!  Fun, without confrontation, without violence and very effective - and all that on a tiny budget!!
We are now delighted to tell you that we have organised our next stunt, to coincide with the much publicised march on the Supreme Court in London, on Monday 5th December, organised by Nigel Farage and funded, as always, by his friend Aaron Banks.
We don’t have any wealthy friends like Mr Farage, so our budget remains small and the success of our stunt will depend on your generosity again.
We are not planning a march - it won’t be a protest, there will be no confrontation and no violence.  There will be no risk of injury or damage to property - If Mr Farage’s entourage is that way inclined, we’ll let them get on with it.  We won’t even be there!
All we are planning is a bit of good old British  humour - something that has been in short supply since 23rd June.  We will all be laughing at home - safe and dry in our armchairs.
Our message will be that British Sovereignty has always been there for all of us ... Leavers said they wanted it - they had it all along! Now it’s being applied in a way that doesn’t suit them, they don't like it!!  You couldn’t make it up!!!
We need to get our message around the World again.  Loudly and clearly. "All in the best possible taste!" The World needs to know that we do not want to turn our back on our friends and neighbours.
Our idea is 5 star.  It has to remain a secret.  No leaks, no clues, no whispers……. "No income tax, no VAT, no money back, no guaran…."  No, there will be a guarantee!!
Trust us.  We will deliver again.
We need your help to make it work so please support us by donating as much as you can. 
Every £ will help and will go towards making 5th December a day to remember.

Much love and thank eu
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