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by Trump Baby in London, England, United Kingdom

Trump Baby
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by Trump Baby in London, England, United Kingdom

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Kevin W Winneroski 21st May 2019

Dear U.K., We’re sorry and promise we will fix this in 2020 if not earlier. In the meantime just no that the majority of us think Trump is an inept, narcissistic, know nothing clown. Sincerely, The not so silent majority in the U.S.

Sophie Langdon 20th May 2019

What's not to like? Derision is in order. I fully support all attempts to quash Trump - we do not want him here in the UK, or anywhere in the world.

Jonathan Karpf 19th April 2019

I am among the majority of Americans who feel that Drumpf is a menace to our country and the world at large. Thanks mates for your clever way of showing the world that he has the impulse control of a 2-year old, and the vocabulary of a bright 3-year old. Keep on carrying on!

Sid Clough 8th November 2018

This overgrown spoilt child of a man is one of the biggest threats to our world’s future climate and peace. The cost of his nappy changes is beyond a joke.

Norman Gilbert 21st July 2018

Here's a donation from America. Unlike words and Twitter posts, Trump Baby gets under Trump's skin like nothing else. There need to be multiple versions flying every day in the skies of Washington DC, New York and over all Trump Golf Courses, especially the ones he visits every weekend at taxpayer expense. (Cost is now over $100 Million)

Susan Eleuterio 21st July 2018

Thank you for exposing the US emperor with no clothes (except the modest diaper) We are appalled at his behavior and will be voting in November

Linda Farrow 19th July 2018

Its wonderful - well he wants us to all look at him - look at him whenever he's around - well that's just what we're all now able to do

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