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Bringing a truly green energy project to market have spent 10 years developing it. We’re in the final phase of securing corporate funds

by Gerard Reynolds in Kettering, England, United Kingdom

The biggest single threat to everything we all care about is climate change.  Global heating is driving more extreme rainfall and rising sea levels, hotter and drier summers, putting the UK at risk of flooding, water scarcity, soil pollution, air pollution and crop failures. 

In June the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050.   Circa 25% of greenhouse gas emissions are a result of energy supply. Electricity and heat generation account for 30% of UK final energy consumption.  35.8% of electricity and heat generated are derived from renewable sources, which are heavily subsidised, unlike our technology that is commercially viable in its own right.

In addition, a growing population is producing more waste, that despite increased recycling rates, ever-decreasing landfill space, requires innovative solutions for the resultant residual waste with a consequential price increase to exporters following EU taxes starting in the Netherlands to dissuade UK exports. Will result in TGEM being able to command an improved gate fee.

Our solution is to roll out baseload Negative carbon energy generating plants in the UK and internationally, utilising residual domestic and construction waste that has been processed into a Solid Derived  Fuel (“SRF”) as a feedstock that undergoes advanced thermal conversion through a fully EPi patented pyrolysis technology.   REL will, therefore, be contributing to meeting the UK’s 2050 net Negative targets through:

•cutting greenhouse gas emissions through energy generation; and

•Reducing landfill demand and landfill emissions by utilising SRF as the feedstock for energy generation.

•EU taxes starting in the Netherlands to dissuade UK exports

We want to make renewable energy a very achievable goal  

By using great technologies to solve global problems. 

We can use waste we generate, however careful we are in our use of packaging to make a high energy fuel. With this, we divert waste from landfill. 

We can then make energy in forms of heat / hot water. Electricity, gas and even liquid fuel. All of this can be done in small scale plants built close to the source of the waste. Reducing vehicle movements. 

The solution is here we just need to secure this final piece of funding to take us to 2020 when full corporate funding will be released.  


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