TruckNess 2017

TruckNess 2017

We are currently working on one of the biggest events ever staged by TruckNess in the Highlands. The 2017 TruckNess Truck Show.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

TruckNess 2017 - Truck Show

I will start with the introductions. My name is George Maclennan and Ihead the TruckNess 2017 Working Group. Together with my colleagues and a whole army of volunteers. We are currently working on one of the biggest ever events ever staged by TruckNess in the Highlands, which will be held at Bogbain Farm, near Milton of Leys, Inverness, on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

The event is about "TruckNess" (Truck Show), staged to celebrate the fantastic contribution made by the men and women working in the Haulage Industry in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and provides a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for "Moray Firth Cash for Kids", it is about TruckNess 2017 which I am writing.

In the early part of 2016 it was found that TruckNess no longer had a functioning Working Group, nor did it have a venue for the Show. The decision was taken to form a new working group.

With the help of The Inverness Events Manager for The Highland Council, and tireless work from our group,  the event went ahead  as part of the Inverness Highland Games and Gala Weekend. Whilst the venue (Bught Park) and the siting of TruckNess were far from ideal, the event was saved for 2016.

For TruckNess 2017 it was decided that a new venue was needed and were delighted when Bogbain Farm agreed to host the event.

As you can imagine there is a great deal that we have to take into consideration as we plan for the event. TruckNess as a group operates on a "break even basis" with lot's of volunteer's, and as I am sure you will appreciate with an event of this size, there are  always compulsory set up costs incurred. 

This year's event will also be an opportunity to make some money for charity, and of course as usual for the trucker's to show their truck's at their very best and compete for the coveted trophy's, and celebrate the year past, in each other's company. 

So to cut a "long story short", this costs money to set up, and this year we are on our own starting with a zero cash balance. 

TruckNess would like to ask if anyone can help with funding, however large or small your contribution, it will all help to achieve our goal, which is to put on a Truck Show that The Highlands will be proud to support, and raise money for our very worthy charity, MFR Cash for Kids.

We would like to thank you all in advance, and see you all at the show on 3rd June 2017.