tropical fish store in newhaven

tropical fish store in newhaven

im looking to start my own business but simply don't have the funds to it's my life dream to have a tropical fish shop it's my passion.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello to anyone that is reading,

my name is jack salvage I'm from a less wealthy family and have had a bad life, I was taken away from my parents at the age of 9 and from then had I was rather troubled I messed up school and evidently ended up with no gcse or any other qualifications, I recently returned to my parents after 7 long years and to keep me occupied started to keep tropical fish. It's something I had always been interested in but couldn't due to various reasons. I have now been keeping fish and breeding them for about 1 year and it would make the world to me to have a shop and gives my knowledge on fish to other people and sell quality fish around the country starting from my home town. I have now been breeding tropical for some time and speciality is in the bottem feeding fish pleco. I want to expand my collection but tanks and equipment is exspencive your money would be going into getting tanks equipment etc and eventually opening my store, sorry for the long story thanks for reading and I hope you feel happy enough to support me in this.

many thanks, Jack Salvage