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Change the world of online dating for the better, eliminating the known dangers and eradicating peoples negative thoughts of dating apps.

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On 14th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 42 days

I am currently starting up a new dating app which will hopefully change the onling dating world for the better, focussing more on what would be ideal for the user, in terms of safety, use and achievement. I have so far secured 70% of the costs through a seed investor, I also have someone else whose willing to get involved, potentially covering 5%. Being a part-time student and working 4 days a week, I will struggle to meet the remaining costs alone, aside from getting a loan (see what I did there).

The app is focussed highly on the user, the idea coming from personal experiences with dating apps as well as the bad press and incidents seen online and in the news. I want to be able to create the dating app that ticks every box in the eyes of the user, and encourage people that do not believe in online dating that it is a great idea and really worth a shot. The app is rather complex to create, design costs are high, the various features i've added, some of which are unique. i'd love to go into more detail however I've been told to protect my idea's specifics. I have everything prepared and i'm determined to get started, however the funding is the only thing holding me back from achieving my goals. 

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