Help us get a van!

by Laura Wells in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help us get a van!
We did it
On 1st January 2019 we successfully raised £650 with 16 supporters in 28 days

We are an environmental and community project that uses surplus food to create pop-up meals, catering and community events across Glasgow.

by Laura Wells in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

For a few years now we have ran this project using one very small car, and occasionally other volunteers' cars, but we have got to the point where this is not fit for purpose so we are asking for your help!

This is a 'donation-based' Crowdfunder not 'incentive-based' because, well, we don't have anything to offer in exchange but no matter how much you donate we will send you a thank you note.
Perhaps you want to donate to our fund yourself, perhaps you have been sent this link by a loved one to donate as a gift - just let us know who this card (Christmas/Hanukkah/Thank-you - whatever you like!) should be addressed to (email with the name and address. NOTE last day for posting to arrive in time for Christmas is Tuesday 18th December!).

  • Some more info about The Real Junk Food Project - Glasgow C.I.C

The idea came about around when Laura, the Projects' Director, wanted to do a fundraiser for a friend in the form of a pop-up dinner. She found a venue, a team of volunteers, and kept costs down by asking shops if they could donate ingredients - especially the food that was not going to be sold. This event sold out really quickly so we decided to do this again... and again... until it snowballed in to something much bigger than we thought it would be so it became the social enterprise that it is today. The Real Junk Food Project is an international network of 200+ groups that are raising awareness of food waste. The environment is a the core of the Project but we have seen how using food as a medium has helped to connect and educate.

2018 has been a busy year for us - we have:
Helped with the 'Holiday Hunger' scheme - feeding children lunch during the summer holidays.
Been part of a screening of Anthony Bourdain's film 'Wasted' as a fundraiser for local mental health charity LifeLink.
Started a herb garden.

Worked with toddlers at a 'Food For Thought' event, encouraging young ones to talk about fruit and vegetables and bake.
Catered a wedding using surplus food.
Put on free world food cooking classes.

And all using a teeny tiny car - please donate to help us to get a van to do even more!


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p.s. to pre-empt a potential question:
'you claim to be an environmental project but you are about to buy a diesel van!?'
We have looked in to buying an electric van and they are around £20k+ and we just don't have the finances or income to support this.

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