Project Triton

We're aiming to break a world record with innovative engineering and 24 hours of human power, can you help us inspire the next generation?

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £4,075 of £4,000 target with 85 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If you are generous to allow us obtain more funding than the target, then we will do the following;

1. Invest in Carbon hulls and other features of the boat to ensure that we provide the crew members the best chance to beat the world record. Our model suggests that our trained crew and optimised boat can be capable to beat the world record, but we can do with some Carbon hulls!

2. Invest in more resources to further promote our STEM activities in local schools and nationwide through our website.

Our ambition is to break the world record for the furthest distance travelled by a team in a pedal powered boat for 24 hours and inspire young generation.

Project Triton started as a simple team-building event in late 2015, identifying a tricky challenge to show young people how we're going about solving problems in building a world record breaking boat for our attempt in July 2017. We're crowdfunding to fund our formal world record attempt application and develop our resources to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities to play a part in the development and sustainability of STEM skills.

We started in late 2015 with the idea of a team-building activity. We developed a team and designed and built a prototype boat by Mid-2016. Our overall timing of the project is described below for the upcoming activities.

The Triton team is made up of a group of enthusiastic engineers, designers and tinkerers based in Derby; wherever we turn there is enthusiasm for the project to succeed. We have finalised the design of the boat, started training the crew and built & tested a full prototype.

We are planning to build a lighter and faster boat and train the crew to reach the level of fitness required. Below graph explains the logic, where our ambition is to travel 140 miles in 24 hours (as indicated by the star). It also suggests we can be capable to beat the record with an optimised version of the prototype boat and a trained crew. 

Design space study to beat the world record - Greatest distance travelled by a team in 24 hours in a human powered pedal boat

We will be seeking sponsorship to make the record attempt and STEM activities happen. We need YOUR help to:

  1. Make the formal world record attempt application, which includes the costs to allow us to officially attempt the record.
  2. Develop resources for science activities to deliver in local primary schools and nationally through our website. 

We’ve got some truly unique, limited edition rewards on offer for your donations. Please note that rewards will be delivered after the campaign is complete at the estimated delivery date;

Our £10 donation offer: For a donation of £10, you will receive a personal thank you letter from the team!

Our £30 donation offer: £30 pledge rewards your generosity with our TRITON branded T-shirt! Check it on our very own in-house models Annabel and Jules! All T-shirts will come in your size of choice and will be delivered to your door (includes Post and Packaging within the United Kingdom).

Our £50 donation offer:

For a £50 donation to help towards our World Record Attempt - You will receive an A3 framed Triton poster (includes Post and Packaging within the United Kingdom) and your name will be printed on the side of the Prototype boat (below are pictures of the side of our Prototype boat to provide you an idea of how your name display will be accommodated)!

*New update* Our limited edition £99 donation offer (limited to 1):

A hand carved bowl. Finish and Style negotiable. A picture of the current bowl in progress is below, which measures 9" x 14". Standard P&P in the UK included.

Our limited edition £100 donation offer (limited to 15):

For a £100 donation, you will receive a signed picture of our team STAR baker - Andrew Smyth, finalist from the Great British Bake Off 2016 BBC competition. He is our STEM team lead and has been right from the offset a key member of the project. He has also made exclusive cakes to help raise some funds at the early phase of our project to help build the prototype boat! In addition, you will also receive a SPECIAL invite to our launch of the record boat event.

It includes Post and Packaging within the United Kingdom.

Andrew Smyth (STEM team lead)

Our next limited edition £100 donation offer (limited to 6):

For this £100 donation, you will receive a 3D printed small scale version of our boat and a SPECIAL invite to our launch of the record boat event. It includes Post and Packaging within the United Kingdom.

*New update* Our £100 sponsoship offer for schools or youth group:

Your school, college or youth group will receive a special certificate, and will be added to the list on our website, mentioned on our social media pages and your logo will be displayed  on our record breaking attempt boat, which will be in a separate area of the deck. In addition, you will receive a SPECIAL invite to our record boat launch event! Standard P&P in the UK included.

Our £175 donation offer:

For a £175 donation, you get to have a go on our prototype boat (individually) for a 100 m sprint. We like to call this a 'Beat Guy Martin Challenge' and will also provide you a certificate of your best timed sprint.

Please note that we will deliver this reward in July 2017 and we need you to sponsor your travel to the specified location at the date and time provided (the location is in the UK and to be at either the Holme Pierrepont or Carsington Water. You will be notified via a letter with a 4 weeks notice). Also note that we will provide Health and Safety advice and provide safety equipment.

You will also receive a SPECIAL invite to our launch of the record boat event.

Our prototype boat in action, with our team engineers

Our limited edition £200 donation offer (limited to 1):

For a £200 donation, you get to own our 20 % scale boat that we used in the early phase of our project to ensure we got the drag estimation correct. The key team members will also sign it with a personal message to the person who chose this donation. It includes Post and Packaging within the United Kingdom.

Our first version of the 20% scale boat, with a data acquisition system to provide instantaneous drag measurement (for a constant speed experiment at the Gayton Swimming pool in Derby)

Our second version of the 20 % scale boat, with weight saving features (taken under construction)

*New update* Our £500 sponsorship offer for small businesses and organisations:

You can join our sponsorship offer and will be added to the list on our website, mentioned on our social media pages and your logo will be displayed on our record breaking attempt boat, which will be in a separate area of the deck, sized relatively large. In addition, you will receive a framed A3 Triton poster and a SPECIAL invite to our record boat launch event! Standard P&P in the UK included.

Our final limited edition £1000 donation offer (limited to 1):

For a £1000 donation, you will receive our Prototype boat in its fully functional form. The worth of this boat itself is hard to estimate due to the intangible value associated with this boat. This has costed well in excess of £1000, but in addition a lot of story is behind in creating this boat and there is a particular purpose about it. A lot of effort has been put in by many experienced engineers, crew members and other who have supported to provide parts to make this boat!

Please note that the boat flatpacks onto a trailer, which is also included as part of this reward.

Prototype boat flatpacked onto the trailer (included as part of the £1000reward)

This is truly the most valuable reward we have to offer. Please note that we will  provide this reward at the End of September 2017, but may be possible to deliver earlier. It will be personally delivered if within a 50 miles radius of Derby, UK. If not, it will have to be personally collected from Derby, UK at the specified address written on a post to you.

Please pledge for our project and help inspire the next generation.

More information can be found in our sites below:

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1. What is the definition of the record we are attempting?

  • This record is for the greatest distance travelled by a pedal powered craft within 24 hours.
  • This is to be attempted by a team of three people.
  • For the purposes of this record the design of the boat is irrelevant: the only requirement is that its only form of propulsion is provided by the occupant pedalling with his/her legs (the use of sails is not therefore permitted). It is immaterial whether the pedalling turns a ‘paddle wheel’, a propeller, or propels the boat in some other way.

2. Who have supported us thus far?

The Team and the Sponsors have supported us in many ways, be it their time, expertise, material provision, free use of facilities and financial. 

More details can be found  in our sites below. 

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3. What are we spending your money on?

We need YOUR help to apply for the official record attempt, which costs £3000 + vat + travel expenses for the adjudicator and to fund resources for our STEM activities.  

4. What is STEM?

It can be found here:

5. Why are STEM initiatives important?

It can be found here:

6. What are we you doing for the STEM activities?

We have planned a range of STEM activities to run in local schools. Our first one is planned in December 2016. We have also planned to run a big 24 hours STEM event alongside the record breaking attempt at the same location.

More information can be found here:

7. What are the main challenges we face and what are we doing about them?

We need to address the weight of the current prototype boat. So, we are taking the necessary steps to build the boat out of a carbon fibre spaceframe deck which will then fit to two carbon fibre honeycomb hulls. We also have some other improvements we can do, such as drag reducing tips, half hull depths and a custom made propeller.

In addition, crew fitness, well-being and training are important. Hence, we have started a crew training plan. We have made an indoor training device, they can practice on in the recumbent position, replicating the boat design.

8. What is our design story?

The first thing we did were to understand the requirements. This covered lots of things ranging from crew comfort to cost, weight, speed and being able to transport the boat to/from the water. This took several weeks after clarifying with the record breaking entity. We then split the team into Hull, Transmission & Propeller, Deck and general interface. These three teams then looked at the requirements and came up with a range of possible ideas and designs. Then each team scored each deisgn idea and downselected the best one. The result was a catamaran (very stable) with very long thin hulls (very fast), recumbent riding position (very comfortable) and unusually, the crew sideways on to the direction of travel (very simple and efficient transmission system).

More information can be found here:

9. What did you learn from your prototype test?

The most important thing we learned was about how the computer model of the boat behaviour matched up to the real behaviour in the water. Also, it brought home the practicalities of transporting a large boat to/from the water, and the reliability of the transmission system. It also showed us that the crew could operate the boat whilst being sideways on without being disorientated and that the boat was very stable. The rudder had to be made bigger just to make the prototype a practical test vehicle as it was hard to steer at first. This was expected to some extent, especially with such a long thin design.

10. What are the novel features planned for the record attempt boat?

The record attempt boat will be very similar to the prototype, but will be much lighter and faster through the water.
The transmission system may be simplified, and we will look to use a custom-made propeller which will be specially designed to suit the boat speed and the crew power. The hulls will remain long and thin, but will be refined further to make them slice through the water better.

We're looking forward to sharing this experience with young people at the STEM events where we will show them how the shape of boats in the water changes how fast they go.

11. Where are we attempting the record?

The record attempt is planned for late July 2017 in Rutland Water, which is timed so that we can spend time sharing the journey with young people, and also to build the record attempt boat and train the crew.

We have had the generosity of Holme Pierrepont Country Park, home of the National Watersports Centre where we launched the prototype boat to perform basic checks and Carsington Water, Carsington Sports and Leisure, where we carried out our development testing.

12. Where to contact, if you have any specific questions?

Email us on

Or Contact us via Crowdfunder page | FB: | Twitter:

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