Triple-R campaign - RRR- Respect Referendum Result

by Peter - Campaign Director in Central London, England, United Kingdom

Triple-R campaign - RRR- Respect Referendum Result
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We are organising a rally and march event in support of 'Respect the Referendum Result' - RRR- happening in Oct. in London and other cities

by Peter - Campaign Director in Central London, England, United Kingdom

  • Campaign to have the referendum result respected – RRR -Respect the Referendum Result
  • Make sure MP’s vote for a Real Brexit in October 2018 – not BINO - No to Brexit in Name Only
  • Let the majority’s voice be heard - loud and clear
  • Rally and march in London (and potentially in other cities) in early October 2018

The proposed rally and march events need serious funding to make them happen - so pledge today and register as a supporter of RRR - then join the marches in September - there are other actions you can take in the meantime - see the campaign website -  Start to take action instead of feeling frustrated by all the talking around Brexit. Don't talk about it - take action - register as a supporter of RRR and be counted.

There is a critical vote in Parliament in October 2018 on the direction that Brexit will go. Make sure that MP's 'Respect the Referendum Result' when they vote. That doesn't need explaining - the people expect that MP's will make themselves accountable to the will of the majority.  This is your chance to express that - make sure that they hear - loud and clear. 

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