Triple H coaching - life coaching guide book

The Triple H coaching book will guide you in how to balance healthy, happy and harmonious and serve as a companion to the popular app.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Triple H Coaching aims to bring fulfillment and maximum satisfactionto your life through applying our three H's - Healthy, Happy and Harmonious. We have had great success with our free Facebook ( and mobile app (available on google play and apple app store) but want to take the way in which we support the world to the next level with a guide book.

To date we have provided all of our videos and exercises to the world without charge as we believe everyone should have the possibility to maximise their potential regardless of how much you earn.

“Leo’s mentorship style of balancing challenge with support has been integral to enabling my corporate success. I am fortunate to have been coached by Leo for two years and have him to thank for a lot of my self confidence and time management skills. By openly sharing my personal goals, Leo created a transparent strategy to help get me where I wanted to be. Executing a plan together as a team is another one of Leo’s mentoring strengths and an area I am stronger now in thanks to his guidance.“

Chris W. from Philadelphia

This funding will allow the conversion of existing videos, stories, exercises and ideas (alongside the addition of new ones) into a tangible guide book that will have the potential to help thousands of people get their lives in balance. It will serve as a handy companion to the mobile app and allow us to raise further funds to continue helping thousands of people without charge  through our existing channels.