Trip Prodigy

Trip Prodigy

Raising funds to establish a travel website business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our Story:

Trip Prodigy was established in June 2016 but we haven’t had a smooth journey to get to where we are today.  It took us months just to understand and figure out what people really want from a travel website, which others are not being able to provide. Our personal experiences revealed that holidays were getting really expensive and cheap travel deals have been difficult to find. So the owners of Trip Prodigy though. “So why not give the world something it lacks, an all-in-one travel website?” Since then, we are working day and night, tirelessly to achieve our goals. We have partnered with the top travel companies from all around the world to provide you an amazing holiday experience. By using our all-in-one search engine, you will get access to over 100 websites for comparing flights, a database of over 1 million hotels, inns and serviced apartments to stay during your trip, not forgetting the amazing tour providers, both big and small, luxury and budget to help you get the most out of your trip.

How will you help us succeed?
We are the world’s first all-in-one travel website and we believed that it is something very special indeed.
To help us acheive our goals, we require a huge amount of funds. These funds that we aim to raise will completely be invested in the marketing of the website for one year. We have developed a brand new, fully equipped website and now we aim to spread our brand name throughout the world which cannot be done without proper advertisement, PPC campaigns and social media marketing.
So will you be a part of this unique project and also help us to be everyone’s’ favorites in the travel industry?
Just 10£ donation from 10,000 of you will definitely help my business see success.