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by Trinity Project in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom


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The Trinity Project wants to remove the stigma women face around menstruation. To empower women take pride in their PERIOD!

by Trinity Project in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

We are on a mission to remove negative stigma associated with Period and raise awareness of period poverty, All women deserve the right to a safe and comfortable period.

I am Maria Igwebuike, The founder of Maria Callisto, a sustainable, body positive lingerie brand in Suffolk. We are raising £4,000 to run our pilot project  to send 100 care package to refugees who do not have the basic needs for comfortable period. We will also run two set of 2 hours workshops to start the journey of raising the awareness of period poverty.

A 2014 study in Nairobi’s Mathare Valley slum found that over 75% of girls had no idea what menstruation was before they got their first period

Imagine the horror and anxiety for a young girl who just got her first period, having no previous knowledge of what it is and why she is bleeding.This can be a traumatic experience for them and can cause  them to feel anxious, confused and ashamed about their periods.

Why is it important to normalise Menstruation

Because of the taboo and  stigma about menstraution in many part of the world, the is a significant lack of health eduction available which fuel the negative stigma  myths which ostracize and humiliate women during their monthly cycles.

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Introducing the Trinity Project and What it is?


The Project will deliver a programme of two 2-hour workshops, each for 15- 30 individuals (*for 18 years+). This two-workshop programme would be focusing on these topics

  • Sustainable period
  • Debunking myths surrounding menstruation
  • Q&A with a healthcare specialist 
  • Natural remedies to manage period cramps like yoga.
  • Creating care packages that would be donated to refugee camps

Trinity Project is an advocacy and educational initiative focusing on removing the stigma associated with menstruation and raising awareness of period poverty. We want all women to take pride in their period.

I will be offering these programme to local women focused organisation, like Suffolk Refugee Support women's group. If you are from a community organisation working with women in Ipswich and think these sessions could benefit some of your client group please get in touch. [email protected]

Who we are ?

Maria Callisto is a luxury bespoke lingerie brand, our brand value is sustainability: We use dead-stock and reclaimed fabric. Inclusive: We are not restricted to the standard Uk sizing, all our lingerie are made to order, so customers have the option to send us their exact measurement for a custom fit with no extra fee. Story-teller: all our lingerie has a story, we uses our voice to speak up and advocate social issues we want to raise awareness for and passionate about.

At the moment it is a one woman team.


We need your support

Please help use empower women to enjoy their period and remove the stigma in Suffolk, You can do this in a number of ways

  • Donate and help us reach our target: no donation is too small. Check out our 'Rewards' to see what your pledge could fund and  free gifts you'll receive
  • Share our campaign with others.
  • Follow us on social media to keep up to date and track our progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Donate gifts and supplies that would be included in the care packages

What would your donation fund?

Your donation would be used to provide a series of 2 hours workshops and pay for curated care packages that would be sent out to refugee camps. This care package would include a pair of Trinity knicker, pads and tampons, wet wipes, body wash, face towels.

Part of the donation would go towards purchasing an industrial machine and materials that would be use to make a pair of Trinity Knickers which would be included in the care package donated to refugee camps.



Trinity Project was inspired by one of our best sellers, the Trinity Knicker (which is designed for women's comfort, especially during their period). These knickers started a conversation about menstruation and I was overwhelmed with the response. It highlighted the shame and exclusion women can feel during menstruation, the constant fear that they might be bleeding through, the shameful secret we as women have to endure every month. It also highlighted the issue of period poverty and how so many women in low income families can not afford or do not have access to period products.

The Project will deliver sessions in the community with the aim of giving women a sense of empowerment about their period, an understanding of the science behind periods and how and why they affect our bodies. These sessions will be delivered by professionals and those with direct experience of the issue. The Project is open to anyone but has a particular focus on talking with vulnerable and hard to reach communities, where stigma can be strongest.

The Project will deliver a programme of two 2-hour workshops, each for 15- 30 individuals (*for 18 years+). This two-workshop programme will be run twice.


- Provide a safe space for women to talk about periods and remove negative perceptions and embarrassment surrounding ‘the time of the month’

- Celebrate womanhood and empowerment

- Support women with learning how to manage the effects of periods on their wellbeing

- Provide learning on how to support other women in the community and develop the ability to speak freely about natural bodily processes

- Develop a sense of international womanhood, looking at the international issue of period poverty and of access to provisions

- Develop a sense of empowerment through providing provisions to others suffering period poverty


First workshop - Art  & Science 

Talking about the female body, debunking periods myths, talking about why we get cramps, why we crave certain things. Understanding your body - discussing the science behind periods and how it affects our body. This session will include input from a health professional. 

Second workshop - Safe space / Yoga

A space for open conversation and sharing, about dealing with period pains and issues during menstruation. Looking at how we can better support each other as women in the community, locally and internationally. Looking at international period poverty and the issues of access to provisions. How some women may be faced with added discomfort during their period. We will be making donation boxes. The group will be creating care packages to be sent to women experiencing period poverty in refugee camps. As part of this gift package Maria Callisto will be donating a pair of Trinity Knickers to each box, alongside the other feminine hygiene products.

At the end of the second workshop we will be learning ways we can manage period cramps. A professional yoga instructor will hold a 30 minute session on how movement and various exercises can help reduce bloating, and minimise period cramps and fatigue. 


1626434550_screenshot_2021-07-16_at_12.19.21.pngHeather Loweana worked on and off with Terence Higgins Trust for almost 10 years now, speaking with young people about sexual health & relationships, offering Chlamydia testing and handing out condoms in pubs, clubs, educational settings, like college, and out in the community. Last year Heather started as a member of the core team who deliver training on topics associated to this theme. Heather is passionate about encouraging a healthy dialogue and encouraging individuals to get to know themselves so that they know their own boundaries.

In 2016 Heather volunteer in Rwanda, returning again in 2017 to work with a group of young people who were teaching menstruation in the local community and running workshops to make reusable pads. The team was made up of both male and female members to aid the normalisation of periods and to encourage males in the community to support their menstruating peers. Following she moved to Uganda to interview several different community groups to better understand their circumstances and the challenges they face around personal hygiene, as many people from the village are at risk of infection using banana leaves or old rags. Shame often leads people to hide their periods or even worse, a lack of communication can mean some don't know what is even happening to them.

Returning Heather saw a rise in period poverty here in the UK. I am an advocate of menstrual health and want to raise awareness of those community groups who suffer from not having access to period products such as homeless communities or in refugee camps as well as pushing for sustainable products such as organic pads/tampons and mooncups.



If you would like to speak to us before you donate, please send us an email at [email protected] We would love to hear from you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Will pay for a care package to be sent to women experiencing period poverty in refugee camps.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

With your donation of £20, we can include a pair of our trinity period pants to go into our care package box. By having real demo products in the workshops, we will be breaking taboos, encouraging conversations and empowering young people. What will your reward be? You'll be putting a smile on a woman's face, making them feel more comfortable on their period.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Will receive a free pair of Trinity knicker.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

With your donation of £50, we can buy a whole care package box of period products for women living in period poverty. This will include a pair of trinity period pants, disposable pads and an option of reusable pad, Body wash, fave towels , wet wipes. What will your reward be? You'll be putting a smile on a woman's face, making them feel more comfortable in their period. You would also receive a free pair of our Trinity knicker.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Will pay for a whole session, empowering up to 30 women ( A free pair Trinity and a ticket to our Yoni and Yoga class )

£500 or more

500 Reward

Your donation will cover an hour-long workshop for 30 local women on period clarity! These workshops will encourage conversations about periods and menstruation, allow women and young girls to ask questions in a comfortable environment and increase their awareness on menstruation-related issues. What will your reward be? You'll be helping to make these workshops happen and therefore supporting women in our community.

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