Let`s create the safest classified marketplace!

Our aim is to protect every person buying or selling any used items online, creating jobs in the UK and fight against fraud and crime!

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £260 with 7 supporters in 42 days

You might ask: "So why we created TrillionX.com?"

Our answer short and simple:

We created TrillionX.com out of desperation. We saw too many of our loved one's woman`s, and senior`s hurt cheated and scammed on the current classified marketplaces it`s made our heart cry!

We saw too many examples where people were selling cars and goods in terrible condition to unsuspected people especially taking advantage of women's and seniors!

We decided it is time to stop this trend and show everyone we care about others future and well-being by creating the Safest Classified Marketplace in the World!

We believe anyone buying or selling used, or second-hand items should have the option to complete they transactions in a safe and secure CCTV monitored environment to be protected against crime and theft. With your help, we will be able to create the first of many TrillionX meeting points which will be going to look like something like this.
We also believe everyone, should have the option to access expert advice before purchasing vehicles or electronic products. 
With your support, we will succeed to make this a reality and protect our loved ones against frauds and scams.
TrillionX.com also committed to creating hundreds of jobs in the UK for those who need it the most!
Our goal is to make this dream a reality, and as the result of our hard work, two weeks ago we completed the TrillionX.com Classified advertisement site which is the first significant milestone in this project.
Your support will be helping us to create our first meeting points and help further develop our online platform.

The amazing TrillionX website


Our home page is the symbol of beautiful simplicity! Easy and clear navigation straight to the point!


Clear list view which is pleasing the eye and help selection


Beautiful and clear informative product page to help decision making


In our "Themes" style window, everyone can personalise the TrillionX page bring out the Cool factor!

We adding new designs to our site almost daily!





How are we going to do this?

Here is a bit more information about how we are going to make this reality:

  • First, we will further improve the TrillionX.com platform by adding unique safety features
  • Second, we will create our first safe meeting points and expand our meeting point location to every major city in the UK within the next three years.
  • Third, we building a team of expert advisers to help every TrillionX.com user with independent advice before purchasing vehicles or electronic products.


Our Team

We have and experienced leadership team. Our management team has an extensive expertise and broad knowledge of the products and services and markets, which will enable Trillionx.com to realise its goals and objectives. The human resource element will be an essential component in the quality and delivery of all of our products and services. By having enthusiastic, capable, and empowered people in every level of our team, we will be able to build a top quality product and service systems to meet our customers’ needs every time.

Viktor Fortuna, Founder and CEO of TrillionX.com Limited



What's in it for you?

You will be helping to create the largest and safest Classified Advertisement and community site in the UK and around the World. This will give you many benefits, including:

  • Free ad listing throughout on TrillionX.com categories
  • Many unique gifts for you and your family
  • Beauty treatments vouchers for you or your loved ones. Thanks to our partner and supporter The Imperial Beauty Spa
  • 50% income tax relief cash rebate from HMRC thanks to our SEIS qualification (available only for UK taxpayers! Please contact us before making a pledge if you require tax relief certificate! Thank you!).
  • Ownership (shareholding) in our company TrillionX.com Limited. We projecting a minimum £40.000 return every year on a £10.000 investment from the third years of operation.

For more information regarding our Business Plan, financial forecast and SEIS  50% income tax relief cash rebate please visit: www.trillionx.com/shareholders



How you can benefit from referring a friend


For every £100 pledged from a referral you receive %10 cash back, 1 Featured Ad listing and 1 Urgent Ad listing. 

In order to claim your referral rewards, please email your name and email address along with your friend's name and contact details (email address and phone number) to allow us to verify your referral.

Please send your referral reward request to: fortuna@trillionx.com


Please pledge now and help to make the Safe Classified Marketplace a reality!

Thanks for your time and support!


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