New Startup - Online Services and development

New Startup - Online Services and development

In business we are strive to make things simpler, more affordable and streamline. We want to bring everything a business needs to one place.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In business we are strive to make things simpler, more affordable and streamline.

TrilB will work on a multitude of fronts in this by providing not only the standards of website hosting, managment and development but other fundemental services and consultancies that can sometimes feel to far out of reach for a small to medium independent company.

Ontop of this we have a system we want to develop that will unify the basics and the more advanced day to day features of business and bring them into a single portal.

Modular in bases and adaptive to the market that its being used in the system will make business simpler and free up time for our users to concentrate on running their business instead of it running them.

We are already in talks with companies to agree on intergration terms and we have everything in place to hit the ground running all we need is your help.

By helping fund our startup you will not only be helping a new and exciting business platform become reality but also create an empolyer that wants to support its employees.

We have an aim within the comming 3 years to have 5 aprencship scheme employees working within the company, at least 7 employees 4 of which we would offer possitions to those who are stuck in the Jobcenter loop.

All of our emplyees will be put through additional training from institutes such as google, microsoft and if they wish to do so in work training programs.

This is just one of our goals as a company. We will also be looking to support Local charities and non profit organisations with services that in general can sometimes be out of reach.

Our mission statment is to simplify the way we manage IT.