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by TribeLove in London, England, United Kingdom


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Raise funds to help everyone easily share, recycle, significantly reduce landfill & facilitate support & kindness within communities.

by TribeLove in London, England, United Kingdom

Our vision is to make it super easy for everyone to share, repurpose & rehome any excess baggage accumulating at home. AND to help people access those items in a highly economical way. 

We believe there is enough in existence to sustain us all. That redistribution is possible.


TribeLove is on a mission to help people save cash, significantly reduce landfill & facilitate support & kindness within local communities. 

We created TribeLove during lockdown as we both lost a significant amount of business due to Covid 19 restrictions. We know others are in the same boat with many facing extreme financial hardship, illness covid/lockdown related, depression, anxiety & isolation. Our vision is to make a positive social impact, help people during unsettling change & significantly reduce waste for many decades to come.

We also believe we can help create stronger bonds within neighbourhood communities & reduce loneliness. People will have a new way to provide & receive help which is so desperately needed.


TribeLove is a sharing platform - no items are for sale, everything is FREE.

  • People can post unused items for free & declutter their space. 
  • People can search for items locally & get household items they need - they just need to sign up for a membership package for as little as £2.50 for 1 week which enables them to contact as many people as they'd like to arrange collection of free items.
  • If you are ecologically minded &/or budget conscious, having the possibility to obtain clothing, household goods, furniture, and all manner of items for free is hugely exciting.


We have personally financed this project to get the website live which you can see here:

We have people uploading items daily but we need help:

  • In order to achieve our vision of everyone in the UK sharing their unused items instead of consuming we need to advertise to raise awareness & ensure people know about the savings & shares they could make on TribeLove.
  • Not only will your support maintain the important work of our project, it will allow us to develop our resources to be able to digitally share our message to many more people.
  • We will be employing 20 (increased from 8 as stated in the video) 18-24 year olds through the governments kickstarter programme - your help will ensure we can keep these people employed after the 6 month scheme finishes.
  • Help us spread the message of Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose.

We all have excess items taking up space in our houses. Some more than others - you know who you are ;) Sharing these items with local humans will change the way we all consume & dispose positively for us & planet Earth. 

One person's trash truly is another person's treasure :)

And hey, who doesn’t need more support & kindness in their life? 


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