Tribal Hearts

Tribal Hearts

Tribal Hearts Festival aims to support parents in raising healthy, happy children, thus improving outcomes for children across the UK....

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £90 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Tribal Hearts Festival aims to support parents in raising healthy, happy children, thus improving outcomes for children across the UK. It also focuses on the health and wellbeing of the whole family, and ethical, environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. Some examples of the workshops include gentle parenting and setting boundaries with respect rather than punishment, the importance of play for children, family nutrition, arts and crafts, yoga and much more. The marketplace will sell hand made and ethical products, such as cloth nappies, wooden toys and natural skincare products and the play area is to be made of all recycled or natural materials. 

I have always been interested in child development and this only grew when I had my daughter. I studied the Montessori method and read many child development books. A passion had been ignited; a passion for a world where children are loved unconditionally, listened to and respected and given experiences that make them fall in love with our planet and the people on it. I am keen to spread this positive message and enhance family relationships, quality of life for children, connections with nature and support families from across the country.

Our children are tomorrows adults, and that is my motivation for Tribal Hearts. To help parents give children the gift of happiness, self-confidence, independence, emotional well being, compassion, responsibility and curiosity – to name a few. To create a better understanding of the way children’s minds work and the impact our words and actions have on their development. To create waves of change in the parenting community that will give tomorrows adults the ability to change their world for the better.

I have started the festival on my own, a single mum with very little funds, because it is something I really believe can grow and make a difference to peoples lives. This is the first year but I have had a fantastic response but I would love to reach out to more families and continue the event every year. I have put a huge amount of effort into marketing the event but juggling planning and marketing single handedly and on a very low budget is tough - I know this will get easier as the festival grows. Festivals are doing well but they take time to become established, and for a first time event it is very difficult to break even (they cost an awful lot of money!)

In order to ensure the festival is successful in reaching out to as many families as possible I need your help! Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated and will help support families nationwide. I aim to not only attract parents who are already interested in this kind of lifestyle but also reach out to other families, to educate parents on child development to improve social, emotional and physical wellbeing in our children, among other things. And of course it is all tied together with a whole lot of fun and atmosphere, in a beautiful setting during the school summer holidays! 


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