Trevor Rich Wheelchair fund )Algarve Entertainer)

by Paul walker in Portugal

Trevor Rich Wheelchair fund )Algarve Entertainer)
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Trevor currently has an electric chair that is old and been repaired so many times. Spending most of his time in pain. Time for a new one?

by Paul walker in Portugal

Trevor and Becci Rich have been providing Karaoke at The Old House Karaoke Bar Albufeira for many years 7 nights a week and still.

Giving many familys, children, couples, friends, husbands and wifes an evening to remember. Some of these people have been part of Becci and Trevs hearts for many years and return year after year just to visit this amazing couple. 

(If you ask them or try to tell them they will just say they are just normal or in becci's case craze people) They have seen the crazy to the strange and weird along with engagements and times of sorrow, but they are always there. Always with a smile and ready to welcome all night after night.

However little people know of the daily struggle this pair face every day (Now Trevor is a proud man and it has taken a long time for him to agree to a little help from the people he has given so much to)

He is desperately in need of a new electric wheel chair, WELL HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME!!

The goal of trevor's wheelchair is to easily and comfortably get around without the help of others. Giving Trevor independence and enabling him to be capable of entering and leaving home and taking care of himself on his own as much as possible.

However Trevor does not complain or let others see, that his wheelchair does not allow him to get around easily or comfortably and is taking away a large part of his independence. Due to the wheelchair being unsuitable and painful its been repaired so many times that it and trevor have given up, with support missing and bars digging in trevor is going out less and less and most of the time it is only to support his family 7 nights a week at work. 

I will leave you with a very short story of Trevor's life and how it has changed so much, and ask if you can help in anyway no matter how small with a donation the family would be so grateful.

Lets give back to Trevor just like he gives to others every day, this is not just about his independence its about giving a proud man the ability to still support his family that he loves and cares for so much.

Trevor's Life and how it changed!!

Trevor and his family Moved here (Portugal) in 2003, however after just 4 years in 2007 Trev fell off the roof of the family house, repairing loose tiles, and the hospital only checked his visible damage, a multiple broken leg, and ankle, they missed a broken neck!  His body wrapped the damaged vertebrae in bone, but it pinched his spinal cord, causing pain in his neck and back.  In 2013, he was experiencing bad pain in his left leg, the one he broke, and said it felt on fire from the inside, So he decided to go to the hospital the next morning. When he woke up, he swung his legs out of bed, and went to stand, but collapsed.  

Trevor hasn't walked since, that was May 2013. They went to hospital, and Trevor was diagnosed with degenerative artrosis and brittle bone disease.  

In July 2017,  Trev suffered a stroke, and lost all his speech. However  August 24th Ezmae (Trevor's granddaughter) was born, and it gave him a new lease of life.  Through Ezmae, Trev has regained most of his speech.  

April 2018 Trev was diagnosed with Early Onset Vascular Dementia, which affects his short term memory, it is getting progressively worse, but they take it day by day, he regularly does not recognise his wife, or the kids, he doesn't remember him and Becci getting married etc, yet his knowledge of music, and how to do his job has not been massively affected. It is sometimes the only time Trev is Trev however he still needs a nudge from his wife Becci on frequent occasions (but you would never know as your not supposed to!)

His current wheelchair won't take any more welding, or repairs.  The batteries have to be replace every 18 months from a UK company, for €150 for 2 batteries.  

Becci Rich Trevor's wife says

"This wheelchair has been a life saver, meaning Trev has independance, and can take himself off for a coffee if he wants, as I am not well enough to push him anymore,  A new wheelchair is needed, that is wide enough, strong enough and comfortable and still suitable for him to use for work when sitting for long hrs and enable him to continue to be the proud loving supporting man he is"

So guys if you can give anything at all you will be supporting a great man and family that have been bullied into letting me write this request and raise the funds needed. X

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