Trees4Uganda: Plant for the future

by The Guildford-Mukono Link in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Trees4Uganda: Plant for the future
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On 12th May 2020 we successfully raised £279 with 29 supporters in 61 days

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by The Guildford-Mukono Link in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

The Guildford Mukono Link aims to raise money in order to plant trees in Mukono , through the Trees4Uganda Project! Deforestation and climate change are two main issues on the planet today. Can you help?

The benefits? 

• Guildford’s contribution to sustainability !

• Making both Guildford and Mukono better communities and enhancing their partnership! 

Through this project Guildford has the opportunity to contribute to a greener future, whilst educating children in both communities to behave more sustainably.  

By providing the seeds and the tools ,volunteers are able to plant trees at schools, churches, mosques and communities in and around Mukono. Additionally , this will provide schools with school boundaries for safety purposes , shade for them to play and fuel . 

Fun Fact 

Planting trees in Africa can help the climate change crisis, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere . 

What is needed? 

Seeds, tools to plant them and maintain them.We will provide watering cans and hoes , so that even the poorest schools will be able to contribute . 

Our goal 

Plant as many trees as possible . The cost is low and the cause is big! 

1£ will enable 5 trees to be planted!

How can you help?

So would you like to contribute? 

Please pledge towards Guildford Mukono Link or support us through the crowdfunder page.  

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