Trees not cards! - Our Christmas fundraiser

by Gelli Y Gafel in Glandwr, Wales, United Kingdom

Trees not cards! - Our Christmas fundraiser
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We're raising money to reforest an empty field and create a biodiverse, stable, wildlife friendly woodland.

by Gelli Y Gafel in Glandwr, Wales, United Kingdom

In the UK alone we send 1 BILLION Christmas cards a year, which equates to  333,333 trees! After a few weeks of shelf life, the majority of Christmas cards get chucked in the recycling.  Now, I'm not saying we should stop wishing our friends and relatives well at this festive time of year. But how about we spare a thought for the environment too?

This year we're running a Christmas Fundraiser called "#TREESNOTCARDS". The idea is that you donate your Christmas card money to our winter tree planting fund and in return we send you a copy of our e-card to pass around your loved ones this Christmas.



Gelli Y Gafel is rooted in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We are in the process of transforming two pasture fields into bio-diverse and multifunctional ecosystems, designed to provide food and timber in a sustainable manner.

Our land comprises of areas for annual and perennial crops, soft fruit production, forest garden, timber and coppice, plant raising, wild areas and ponds.

We aim to provide for our needs whilst enhancing the fertility and biodiversity of the land. We use permaculture principles and observations from nature in our design in order to create a self supporting system tailored towards providing edible crops, medicines, useful timber and craft materials.



Over the next 5 years, we are hoping to plant 4000 saplings. We want to reforest our top field with a mix of native woodland, coppice, orchards and nutteries... we're asking our friends, family, neighbours, total strangers, enemies, in fact anyone.. to chip in and donate the money that they would spend on Christmas cards to our tree fund.

In return for your donation we’ll send you an E-Christmas card that you can forward to your friends and loved ones, telling them that you’ve sponsored our tree planting mission this Christmas. They’ll be stoked you were so thoughtful. We promise to spend EVERY PENNY we receive on trees and to strive to transform our empty field into a biodiverse, stable, wildlife friendly woodland.

That’s why we’ve named our Christmas fundraising campaign…


....original eh?!

In the UK alone we send 1 BILLION Christmas cards a year. Most of which get pride of place on the mantle piece for a week or two, before being chucked in the recycling (or even worse landfill). That's 333,333,333 trees y'know!!

This year let's celebrate the season of good will by planting some.

 P1000472.JPGAnd to make the deal even sweeter, for every pound you give, we'll put your nominated emailee into a super smashing Christmas prize draw to win 1 of 5 beautifully crafted gifts from Joseph Banks woodcrafts.

So if you're still not convinced here's 10 reasons why trees are BETTER than Christmas cards.

  1. Trees have the potential to live for decades, some are even thousands of years old. Christmas cards have a shelf life of a few months, if that.
  2. Trees have the unique ability to take in Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and give out Oxygen, which we need to survive. They also filter air and absorb pollutant gases. In comparison Christmas cards have the unique ability to...err.... make you feel like you've got lots of friends when you string them up on your wall?!?
  3. One tree can produce 3,000 Christmas cards, but one Christmas card cannot produce 3,000 trees. No way.
  4. Trees give home, food and shelter to a range birds, animals and insects. They create wildlife and biodiversity. Once I found a dead spider inside an old Christmas card... doesn't really compare does it?
  5. Trees have deep roots which stabilise the ground and prevent soil erosion. Their canopies create shelter from wind and rain in which smaller, more tender plants can grow. Ever tried using a Christmas card as an umbrella?
  6. Trees photosynthesis light from the sun and use it to grow leaves, which they shed annually. The leaves rot, creating nutrient rich organic matter which feeds the soil and the microorganisms which dwell within. Although Christmas cards can be recycled (the non-glittery ones at least) the process is rather energy intensive.
  7. Trees grouped together make woodlands, long living, stable ecosystems. Woodlands have potential to survive and lessen the impact of our changing climate. Not a claim I've heard any Christmas cards making.
  8. Trees produce things useful to humans. Like nuts and leaves for food, wood for fire, timber for building and craft. They'll do this for you over and over again if they're managed well. Granted, you could burn your old Christmas cards to keep warm... but I wouldn't advise eating them!
  9. Trees give tree huggers something to hug. Without them the tree hugging hippies would be lost souls, wandering a barren earth. This would probably cost the NHS hundreds of thousands a year etc. I've never tried to hug a Christmas card. Have you?
  10. Trees don't need pictures of trees on them because they are trees.
  11. And finally..... Trees are BAD ASS, beautiful, noble, super kings of the universe. Especially the old oaks that are so big they make you feel like a little hobbit person, frolicking through some ancient woods ready to have tea with a gang of cheeky squirrels.  Christmas comparison.... well they're just damp squib if you ask me.

Thanks for reading,

Caz and Joe, Gelli Y Gafel.

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