tree4life {contemporary eco wooden Christmas tree}

by Georgina Bellinger in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

tree4life {contemporary eco wooden Christmas tree}
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8 million Christmas trees are cut down in the UK every year. Save our forests with a tree4life. An eco wooden tree that is built to last.

by Georgina Bellinger in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

Our Story....

I was the owner of a home and wellbeing shop that I put my heart into but sadly had to close along with many of the other high street businesses trying to survive in our local community. 

One Christmas I created a window display with a decorated wooden Christmas tree that I created myself with the help of a local carpenter.

The feedback from all the customers was tremendous and I realised there was a strong market to create a similar product.

The beginning....

The idea of the wooden christmas tree stayed with me after the close of my shop.

I have spent the past year working with a designer and a local joinery firm to create the perfect tree with the maximum use of natural materials.

tree4life offers a truly contemporary alternative to the traditional Christmas tree that will last for years to come.

The tree.....

The tree is 1m 80cm in height consisting of three base pieces and 30 timber branches that rotate around a hardwood central pole. There are holes at the end of the branches enabling you to hang decorations. 

tree4life is made from premium quality birch plywood.  Birch ply is a beautiful light wood known for its strength, smooth finish and fine grain texture.

The tree comes with easy to follow instructions, arrives disassembled and is very easy to put together and take apart for storage.

Where we are at.....

tree4life is being produced by a local joinery specilist. The trees are presently made to order with a 3 day turnaround. tree4life is for sale on a third party website. I am attending local craft fairs creating interest. 

All our branding is completed by a friend a very talented local graphic designer. Keeping the processes in the creation of tree4life local is extremely important to me.

Project Aim...

I have photographed the tree to the best of my ability but I would like to have the tree professionally photographed in a studio to show the true beauty of the tree structure and the birch ply grain. 

To set up a tree4life's own website as I am presently retailing on a third party site as this is currently the only option open to me.

To create bespoke branded packaging which could include locally made canvas bags for permanent storage of the tree.

To attend trade shows around the UK and spread the word to the larger retailers and smaller independents.

To design a smaller version of the tree to accommodate the various requests I have received such as smaller living spaces, office environments, etc

Give back to our planet and start a corporate partnership with a conservation charity in Scotland dedicated to rewilding the Highlands. tree4life will buy a grove here and with every tree sold by us we will pay £6 for tree to be planted.

Please support my tree4life page enabling me to utilise crowdfunding to move my project forward.

I would like to see more people embracing the idea that 'a tree4life tree is for life not just for Christmas'

Thank you for your support Georgina


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