TreatBox, Monthly dog toy and treats

TreatBox, Monthly dog toy and treats

A monthly subscription service for dog owners to get a box of toys, treats and grooming products. 10% of all profits go to dog charities.

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What is it?

Our treatbox service is aimed at dog owners and delivers a box of treats, toys and grooming products to dogs every month for a low monthly fee. Each box features around 5 or 6 items. There are no fixed terms, and boxes can be bought as one off's or as gifts to friends or to a charity.

Supporting dog charities

We donate 10% of all profits to dog charities so at the same time as spoiling your dog another dog in need, is also getting some love.

What is the money for?

We are looking to fund an expansion of the treatbox service and increase the distribution of boxes through targeted advertising streams while also allowing for an immediate injection of cash to support the setup and initial growth of the business. This will go to support the purchase of packaging materials and securing cheaper postage costs by increasing our customer base through advertising

The future

Treatbox is initially aimed at dogs and their owners, we hope in future to launch the service for cats with a similar setup.

It's personal

As a pet owner, its important to me that my dog has toys and treats to not only strengthen the bond between us but also keep him occupied and active while hes on his own. This not only means I'm happy that he's enjoying himself, it also means he doesnt get separation anxiety by not having toys or treats to keep him active and happy.

So please support this effort, we've got some great rewards and you'll be supporting a worthwhile cause in the long run and helping dog-related charities.