Travelling with Sasha & Lauren

Travelling with Sasha & Lauren

We are raising funds to go travelling next summer. Our main purpose for doing this is to create a hillarious video diary of our adventures.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Sasha and Lauren are currently students on a placement year working and living at Nestle in York. After spendingĀ a year supplying chocolate to the world we have decided we would like to spend some time travelling before we go back to university for our final year.

Whilst on our travels we will be creating a video diary of everything we do and all the adventures that we go on.. we are hoping to experience EVERYTHING each culture has to offer us so we believe the video diary will make for naturally hillarious viewing.

We are hoping to visit Asia, Australia and America.

Hoping to raise some of the money we need for our trip through crowdfunder and promise of daily laughs via our video diary throughout summer.