travelling to fiji:D

travelling to fiji:D

on the 23rd july we are going to fiji to teach children...the education they deserve:)

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £57 with 6 supporters in 49 days

The video we have uploaded is from travel teacher:0) travel teacher are the ones who have organsied this amazing expirience to go abroad and have a chance to teach the kids over in fiji:D  Our aims are:

  • to be able to teach the kisd over there, either english and sport. me and courtney have decided to teach them dance. 
  •  to be able to provide them with better school equipment to give them the education they deserve.
  •  to have a postive impact on the lives of young children by empowering them through high qaulity education.
  •  to supply high qaulity teaching volunteers to develop the sunstainabilty of the projects.

on the 23rd of july 2016 we will start our journey including a 26 hour plane flight!! not including the car journeys! and finally when we arrive we will start our 2 week journey over there, creating memories we will never ever forget, as well as the children over there!

having the chance to go and watch young children across the world means everything to me and courtney, it also gives us a chance to see other parts of the world. there are so many kids out there that are needing a real education. and we believe this is the start of something wonderful. giving them an oppertunity to a brilliant start in their lifes. 

me, courtney and beth would really appreciate for your time and reading our project, and hoping you can help us reach our target so we can get out their and teach these kids!! 

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