Travel to every country in the world

Travel to every country in the world

The aim of the project is to document the culture of every single culture in the world. Exploration frees the mind.

We did it!

On 22nd May 2017 we successfully raised £25 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Hi everyone,

My name is Paul Williams, I am 19 years old and ever since I was little I wanted to travel. I aspire to see every country in the world. I want to show everyone the world through my eyes. Take lots of pictures and videos and when I am complete create a video/documentary film. 

There are some many cultures in this world, most people will never see another culture than their own. 

Help me free the cultures of the world and show everyone that we are all different and that is fine.

Why me?

Thought you may ask that....

I am very motivated to share my dream to everyone and to share a journey of a life time.

I believe in the idea of showing the world that being different is okay.

So much hate in the world, let's spread a little love.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.


Please help me make this dream a reality.


Who knows we may help the world learn to be as one...

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