Travel Racoon

Travel Racoon

Bringing simplicity to festival, flights and accomdation world wide with a great range of bespoke packages to suit the needs of our clients.

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At Travel Racoon our aim is to supply persons with a passion for world events specialising in music/festival and the events that follow. Travel Racoon will not only source tickets for these events but also supply flights and accommodation and transfers while also selling travel/party accessories such as but not to name all, Towels blow up pool beds, sun glasses, glow sticks, tents and much more.


What sets us apart?

What we do sets us apart, we serve the travel sector just as much as we serve the events industry brining the best of life into one place. Taking away pressure to secure flights, accommodation event tickets and those extra nicknack's people like to take with them on their travels.


What will the donations be spent on?

It will help towards a complete website makeover and database build  aswell as the first few months rental, office supplies, computer printing hardware and software. These are just afew of the things needed to take this to the next level. There are of course other fee's and finatual obligations but you probably follow for now.