Travel Information at its Best from ATISUK Ltd

by Norman and Mary MacLennan in Callander, Scotland, United Kingdom

Travel Information at its Best from ATISUK Ltd
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To provide airlines with accurate and up to the minute information on delayed and cancelled flights and keep passengers up to date.

by Norman and Mary MacLennan in Callander, Scotland, United Kingdom

Air Travel has suffered for years with delays and cancellations to flights. Whilst in the majority of cases this is due to circumstances outwith the airline's control, passengers continue to be frustrated by the lack of information provided by the airlines when these situations occur.

Airlines monitor the status of their flights for operational purposes, however, that information is not passed to front-line staff who have to contact other people within their organisation for guidance.

Utilizing a variety of resources,ATIS UK Ltd can track any flight, anywhere in the world in real time and so produce the most accurate and up to the minute information available.

Data obtained is processed through our bespoke system and the output sent automatically to the airline's customer service teams.

Before we can present our services to the marketplace, we require "Proof of Concept" to confirm that the system we developed can deliver the required results. Once this has been achieved, we can progress to the next stage of our development.

We have researched countless funding sources without success hence we have started our Crowdfunding Project

ATISUK Ltd needs your assistance to enable it to succeed


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Passenger App Subscription

Everybody who pledges support to this project will automatically be enrolled to receive a 30% discount on their subscription to the passenger app. Not only will the app give you up to the minute information about the status of your flight but also access to our support facilities including details of hotels in the vicinity of the airport but also details of alternative airlines flying to your destination should major problems arise

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