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by Weishan Chan in Leyland, England, United Kingdom


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The aim is to make holiday planning easier by combining snippets from current popular resources and putting it in one basket.

by Weishan Chan in Leyland, England, United Kingdom

Startup idea - the developed idea is a modernised mobile application for bloggers to manage their influential stories on a smaller scale with the benefits of blogging space, photo/video uploads and editing tools. The purpose of the app is to be a source of inspiration for destination search and vacation planning. From experience and market research it is clear that vacation planning can be really time consuming due to the variety of resources we have such as Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google and so on. 

Target market - currently, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly spending an average of 37seconds to read a blog or an article. 50% of travel enthusiasts use Instagram to find places to explore and 40% of online travel bookings are now made via mobile devices. 

Problem - Today’s travellers look for experiences through travel blogs, which have become a source of inspiration for destination search and vacation planning. Currently we see extremely stylised images on social media (ie Instagram) and no blogging material is taken place ie Instagram because we are free to write randomly. Although there are many resources available online to help you when starting a travel blog such as Wordpress, it becomes costly to host the site and you also need to know how to build a site.

Solution - The Travel blogging app allows users to share their experiences with readers on a personal level. It has blogging material (template, that’s changeable) to help bloggers to document their stories like they would on their personal blogging website. The idea will be short but to the point which potentially should be more desirable to not only write blogs but to read them.

Summary -  At the moment I am the founder and work by myself, my vision is to create an app thats user friendly for people to capture and document their experience and sharing it with the world. The concept is different to what exits on the market now because it's not one or the other, it's all in one. Eventually this could build an interest to the hospitality industry to advertise on the app sharing their business on based on travel such as a hotels and restaurants. The purpose of raising money is to hire a programmer to make it go live and with my marketing and design background I will be working on the promotional side of the app. 


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