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Trauma therapy for homeless women

by Dot Pickett in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


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To offer Trauma Therapy Sessions to women in vulnerable housing situations, to tackle long term cycles of homelessness.

by Dot Pickett in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

1597994661_20c3ab6f-7866-4b97-8ed8-891921584511.jpeg Walk through the door with us to meet women isolated or at risk, needing a break from the endless cycle of homelessness.

When women walk through the door into Safe and Sound Dorset they walk into a place of Safety and transformation.

We set up Safe and Sound Dorset in 2017 to create a safe space where women are able to build their confidence through creativity and community.

Most women who attend our creative sessions drop in initially for help with appointments for housing, court, hospital or lifestyle issues. Our creative hub soon becomes as addictive as the substances they find on the street.


It is an inclusive community encouraging women to participate and be creatively productive, reaching out to the next woman who wanders in from the street. Everyone has a story to share that will often help the next one who comes thr1597955649_c3d245ca-719e-4fb5-8daf-2281b4b904cc.jpegough the door.

Our Cafe outreach and late night outreach meets women at their most vulnerable, on the street, often homeless or sofa surfing, needing a listening ear as well as help to attend their next appointment ( housing, doctors, hospital, court.) Our part time staff and volunteers accompany women to these.1597953710_1597953709848.jpeg

Homelessness is often longterm  involving multiple cycles of rough sleeping, sofa surfing, temporary lodgings and B&Bs. A trap that some women can not escape from due to the trauma inflicted on them throughout their younger days and the choices made to cover the wounds of their heart.1597954813_d1aa9c8c-a23d-4e25-bda2-4d364dc7f086.jpeg

The healing of trauma is what we as a charity would love to help.  Each woman is worth so much and we would like to invest at least 6 sessions of therapeutic trauma support for each woman who is caught in the homelessness cycle.   1597955307_f8840ac4-fc58-4ec4-b6ac-f4968fe7ea35.jpeg1597953564_4bab5ef2-b770-4cf6-8d77-14e80bab3b0d.jpeg

Trauma therapy will be person-centred and varied. It may be counselling or it may be pet/horse therapy or nature therapy. Which ever is chosen, it will be the beginning of a future that will be more stable, more safe and more secure because the core of a person‘s being is where security begins. The accommodation provision resulting  will be the outcome of a healthy, happier person, more able to retain their longterm housing.1597955477_1597955476550.jpeg

Our trauma support workers will work 1-1 with women through our creative sessions. They will work alongside women to find the individually chosen therapy so that each homeless woman can attend at least 6 sessions of therapeutic intervention (£150) but ideally 12 sessions (£300)

We see this as a good start to enable someone to begin to unwrap the buried longterm issues, making a transformational difference to their life.1597956246_49fd4241-0961-4b89-9282-fcffde1c293a.jpeg1597954655_8c5622ce-9341-416b-9298-fcfdbe214386.jpeg

‘I  can not express to you the lengths of despair and trauma this journey for us as a family has been, but finally I felt that ‘Safe and Sound Dorset’ allowed me to talk about the experience whilst safeguarding my daughter who was homeless.

The Friday evening meal at the Café is the most wonderful idea. It allows vulnerable women to feel welcome, safe and cared for. It is often very dignified and we all eat together sharing stories and events of the past week. I have been to counselling before and have separated myself from E’s lifestyle in order to manage an effective coping strategy. However, meeting with E in a safe setting led by women who are aware of the challenges she faces on the streets has been priceless. It has made me less afraid and better able to manage risks for myself and my family.

 ‘Safe and Sound Dorset’ are the groundworkers meeting basic needs of providing food, warmth, and safety for vulnerable women on the streets. Perhaps it is because of this that women can be encouraged to engage with services.

The rough sleepers team had eventually engaged with E and found her housing. I had a call from social services who asked me to find E as quickly as possible. It was Safe and Sound Dorset who had arranged to see E and took her to housing.  The Safe and Sound Dorset team are flexible, work as outreach and fill the gap when social services can’t be available; after 5pm. E has been placed in housing, but there is no food provided and E has to wait for her money. So once again the team has contacted me and said that if E needs help with a shop a member of her team will do that.’



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Receive a plaque saying ‘I am unique’

Your special gift will support one woman through one therapy session, on the way to transforming one life at a time. We believe everyone needs the chance to change their circumstances. You will receive a plaque saying ‘I am unique’ as a thank you from us.

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£5 Our Magazine

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Receive a plaque of your choice

Each homeless woman is offered at least 6 sessions of therapy of their choice. You would be part of transforming their life. We believe everyone needs the chance to change their circumstances from homelessness to safe housing. You will receive a plaque with your choice of wording as a thank you from us.

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A4 canvas painting with beautifully hidden message

Each homeless woman is able to attend a longer term 12 sessions of therapy of their choice. You would be part of transforming their life. We believe everyone needs the chance to change their circumstances from homelessness to safe housing. You will receive an A4 canvas painting with beautifully hidden messages as a thank you from us.

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£500  Transformational Art Work

Transformational art work! We love creating art for individuals that speaks positivity, goodness and life. We believe everyone has the chance to change their circumstances. This unique expression will be from Safe and Sound Dorset, totally hand crafted from beginning to end and you get to take unique art into your home. Your gift of £500 will go towards helping to transform lives through trauma therapy sessions enabled by Safe and Sound Dorset.

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