Trauma Therapy

by Elizabeth Grenfell in London, England, United Kingdom

Trauma Therapy


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To raise funds for urgently needed trauma therapy to help treat complex PTSD, DID (multiple personality), amnesia, and suicidal intentions.

by Elizabeth Grenfell in London, England, United Kingdom

Updates and Grattitude

Dear supporters

I have been absolutely blown away by the generosity and support from so many of you.  Some of you don't know me and yet have still given.  This means more than words can describe.  It feels like, in a small way, the world is starting to rebalance itself.  It was people who didn't know me who first hurt me and it is now people who don't know me wanting to help me heal.  I have never received such care from strangers before and it is turning my experience of the world on its head. 

I am also truly humbled by the support from friends and people who know and love me/my family.  I have often been ashamed of my existence and felt like a burden on those who know me.  So to have so much love and support come in from those who have met me is confusing, humbling and gives me a feeling I am not familiar with. 

So thank you. 

Because of such huge generosity so far, I have been able to get a first assessment with Dr Turnbull, the leading trauma specialist in the UK. He has reviewed my case and wants to take me on as a patient.  There is a short description on wikipedia for those of you who are interested. I meet him at the end of May, and will know more then on the plan ahead.  It is a big step and a significant one.  I wouldn't have done it without you.  Thank you.

Some of you may be wondering about the perpetrators at the school.  I have been through a lengthly reporting process with a truly wonderful police force.  Unfortunately the broken memories of a 4/5yr old, and of course no DNA or CCTV, and limited records from 30 years ago has meant it has not been possible to identify the men and there is not enough evidence to support my testimony, so the case has been filed.  I am at peace with this.  It was important for me to report it; I was heard and taken seriously.  Should anyone else later remember things it will be added to the file and they will know they weren't alone in what happened.  

More in May.

Until then, with love, Kate 

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