Transport ex-addicts to do charity work

by carpenters-arms in Loughborough, Leicestershire

We did it
On 28th August 2014 we successfully raised £2,575 with 22 supporters in 28 days

send ex-addicts from UK to convert an empty hall into a nursery for abandoned babies in Newcastle, South Africa

by carpenters-arms in Loughborough, Leicestershire

New stretch target

What will I use the extra money for?

To pay the way for another 2 ex-addicts on our program to work on the project.  Any money over and above this will be used in South Africa to purchase items for the nursery.

We are looking to crowdfund in order to pay for transport and living costs for two ex-addicts to build a nursery for abandoned babies in Newcastle, South Africa. 

The Carpenter's Arms is an abstinence based residential rehab centre for men challenged with homelessness due to an addictive lifestyle.

  • Every participant, regardless of their circumstances, degree or type of addiction and/or extent of their emotional disturbance, is considered to be a person of worth and value.
  • Treatment is voluntary. You cannot be forced to learn or grow – it is your choice.
  • Change comes as a result of action. 

The Project

After a succesful journey out to Romania to help build a toilet for youngsters, we have decided to help build a Nursery in South Africa .There are a growing number of abandoned babies in South Africa and there is a Church hall of a suitable size & situation to convert into a nursery for some of these babies.

The nursery is to be called Sawubona, A greeting that literally means "I see you" - so apt for these forgotten children. At the Carpenters Arms, we have men with skills, energy and time who are desperate to go and help this enterprise, as well as help themselves. We are sending out a team of ex-residents and staff for a period of a month.One of the benefits of this team going out is that volunteering to help others with different needs puts things into perspective;Addicts often have a selfish outlook, this will cement the life-change that these men have undergone.

Why are you Crowdfunding?

To supplement the other fundraising going on for this project.


"I have seen The Carpenter's Arms in action over the last 5 years and recently met the people who will be running Sawubona nursery in South Africa.  The Carpenter's Arms team will be able to make a big impact on the project and in return will themselves come back changed."Rt Hon Nicky Norgan MP Sec of State for EducationI’ve seen both sides of the life in Romania from the modern flushing toilets to the rudimentary ones in the country.  It has been an honour and a privilege to be here.  It has made me take stock and has given me a different perspective on life.  What I thought at home was a problem, is nothing at all here. I saw a lady today who was poorly, she can’t even get to hospital and her grandson does everything for her, even changing her drip. He has given up his PhD studies for this.” One of the Volunteers in Romania


Has the project had neccessary clearance from authorities in South Africa? Yes

How many people are travelling out for the month? A total of 14: 1 trustee, 2 managers, 1 guest, 3 staff and 7 program participants. 



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